Emerging Folk – Kayam, Shayne Cook, Luke De-Sciscio, Grandfather Machine

KAYAM introduces their new single Omens with the pouring of liquid into a glass.  It could be a beer or a coffee or whatever brew gets you to serenity.  It signals a song for reflection and a mining of your internal inventory.  The lyrical poetry evolves into a conversational narrative, one thats strong enough to explore these notions plainly and in abstract iteration. 

The duo, which consists of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, features a huge range of creative influences, to the point that they affectionately refer to their wide-ranging sound as “Falafel Pop,” not only a reference to the fusion of styles that defines their music, but also a tribute to one of their favorite foods: chickpeas! This soft fury with its exotic melodic appeal should please fans of Jose Gonzalez and Kings of Convenience.  It’s relaxing musical melatonin, perfect for your cafe playlist or somber moment of reflection. 

Hear Omens now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Shayne Cook arrives on Miles Away.  This indie folk mirage is sneaky groovy, with a classic pop drop that recalls the legacy of Fleetwood Mac.  Cook updates the vibe with an indie sensibility akin to City and Colour or Midlake.  The vocal design is effective, with smooth harmonies stretching the harmonious landscape in the infectious chorus sections. 

Clever variation keeps the vocal melody moving forward, entrapping an unfamiliar listener in its refreshing alterations.  The vintage influence shines through in the tasteful guitar solo as a passionate performance plots all the right notes.  You can zone out to it’s easy appeal or jive to its groovy pump.  No matter how you dig it, you can’t deny it. 

Enjoy Miles Away now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Luke De-Sciscio transcends on I Had A Boat.  The expressive crooner leans into his vibrato’s haunting potential on this intoxicating single.  Innovative and experimental in both composition and arrangement, its the undeniable melodic flavor that keeps it accessible.  There’s an immersive, ethereal quality to its sonic design.  Rich vocal layers echo with dreamy drama.  The performances are passionate and accentuate the vulnerability and hurt experienced to dig into this feeling.  They conjure a history of buried emotion to bring I Had A Boat to life.  

The sentiment is illuminated in the songs effective video.  Featuring the cymatic artwork of Shannon Garman, the video elegantly captures the vibe of the music.  It’s both abstract and undeniable gorgeous, much like De-Sciscio’s catalog.  

I Had A Boat is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 

Grandfather Machine are inspiring on their new single Hear It Running (Old Bones).  They pack a lot of indie influence into the design.  Production notes and melodic inclinations equally recall the works of Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and Francis and the Lights. 

Spiritual indie folk with an electric heart, this sound is rooted in the electro soul findings of Peter Gabriel.  Grandfather Machine updates the sentiment with a convincing sax solo that broadens their influence and stylistic reach.  This is the electrical musical church of your dreams, one that aims to reclaim harmonious sancitity within a modern sonic framework that pays homage to both measures elegantly.  

Grandfather Machine is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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