Undiscovered Gems – Youth Sector, YOUR ANGEL, Attics, Das Kope

Youth Sector drew us in with the infectious punk pop of A Definitive Guide to Easy Living.  The legacies of the Talking Heads and B52’s have a hero in Youth Sector.  The new single is going to pull you out of your seat with its quirky flair and fantastic energy.  Jiving and Groovy, it recalls how pioneer punks were inspired by Hip Hop and the urban sound of the streets.  It’s super fun and undeniably catchy. With updated indie appeal Youth Sector will instantly connect with fans of LCD Soundsystem and Parquet Courts.  It’s a combinations of nostalgia, attitude, and an art school aesthetic.  

Find your Definitive Guide to Easy Living now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

YOUR ANGEL caught our attention with their new release Good Girl.  We were intrigued by the haunting vibe and dark pop appeal.  Singer Maddy Boyd’s lush delivery gets under your skin.  The affect is dreamy but with a dark nightmarish quality.  The band settles into an assertive groove, adding to the conceptual nature of Good Girl.

YOUR ANGEL has star potential. The magnetic majesty is on full display with the singles companion music video.  

No longer just a piece of the process, this Good Girl is empowered to create on her own terms.  YOUR ANGEL is the ethereal pop project of singer, songwriter and produced Maddy Boyd. Originally hailing from Sante Fe, New Mexico and now based in Los Angeles, Maddy got her start touring in indie-rock bands like Current Joys and Surf Curse. After playing over 150 sold out shows, she left the bands in 2019 to pursue her own artist project.

Hear Good Girl now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Attics update a classic vibe on their new single GOAT.  They bridge the gap between Nilsson and Kevin Morby, bringing slacker appeal to folk induced psych pop.  The vocal’s vintage treble cuts through with catchy appeal.  The performance is candid and believable, blending into the music sparse construction. 

GOAT recalls classic rocks humble beginnings, when bands experimented with what was available.  The presentation has a charming but effective boutique analog quality.  The modern flair is heard in the illuminated synth leads and warped soft organs that stretch the harmonious atmosphere.  A sure thing for fans of Dr Dog and The Shins. 

Hear GOAT now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Das Kope isn’t afraid to admit they’re So Happy.  The title of their new single, its psychedelic mellow brilliance.  This musical melatonin feels tailor made to keep the good vibes going.  It’s So Happy up until that impending bridge section, which feels like some infiltration they’re smart to quickly pivot out of.  Not that we don’t dig the contrast, but it conjured memories of some bad trip. 

Musically they bridge the gap between Tame Impala and 2nd phase MGMT, when the once electro pop poster boys decided to get weird.  Congratulations was actually brilliant but got buried beneath its polarity to Oracular SpectacularDas Kope knows psych pop needs to get weird again.  Plug in and catch them currently on tour with STRFKER.

Das Kope is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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