Retro Pop Revival – Night House x SOPHIE REID, Julian Petrin, Rhumba Club, Hush Bewlay

Night House and SOPHIE REID team up for the infectious new single Seatbelt.  This innovative retro pop recalls the legacy of Kate Bush with the updated indie appeal of Christine and the Queens.  We don’t make those comparisons lightly, those are two of our favorite artists and Seatbelt honors the association. 

Seatbelt is clever with progressive appeal and cinematic flair.  The composition is full of variation and surprise.  The vocal design responds with a spectrum of stylistic flex, from intoxicating melodic prowess to dramatic theatrical injection heard in the spoken word bridge.  There’s an elite seduction with elegant reverence, mirroring the real life aesthetic of the artists themselves. 

Dig into Seatbelt now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Julian Petrin is checking in to ask Are We Ok?  The title and theme of his new single, the song kicks off with an immersive cosmic sanctimonious vibe.  The electric church brings a vibrant metaphysical appeal.  Petrin knows that there’s no better template to get to the heart of the matter than a nostalgic synth blessed melody. 

This instrumental says a thousand words with its melodic brilliance and impactful tempo.  It blends the ethos of Post Rock with Synthwave, but it’s more than a background soundscape.  Petrin strikes you at your core,  initiating an imaginative montage with soundtrack potential.  It recalls the legacies of Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder, electronic composers who broke through with undeniable melodic brilliance. 

Julian Petrin is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Rhumba Club – Video Game

Rhumba Club gets in on the action with their new single Video Game.  There’s a movement in art pop that blends the ethos of 90s pop and quirky art rock.  It includes projects like Faux Real and Youth Sector.  Rhumba Club fits the mold with his own unique twist to invigorate the genre.  

Put them together and bill the festival, we are there.  Video Game is fun, expressive, and sneaky genius.  We hear the influence of LCD Soundsystem, Tubeway Army, and the Talking Heads.  It’s funky but heavy, with a dark melodic underlayers in contrast to its upbeat swagger.  The video is dope too.  We dig it. 

Video Game is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Hush Bewlay continues to break through with their new single Bring It Down.  The project features gorgeous songwriting with post punk influence and retro flair.  The artists vintage attitude adapts the influence of Bowie and Billy Idol with an indie sensibility known to the National.  The retro production and wave aesthetic recalls the vibes of Human League and New Order with the indie alterations of Future Islands.  It’s an update of influence with the personal touch and enigma of Hush Belway

The bare production is effective and adds to its collective charm.  A damn good song in any light, the synth heavy production should connect equally with dark wave, post punk, and synthwave fans. 

Bring It Down is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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