Emerging Folk and Indie Country – Duke & Goldie, Sawyer Fredericks, Joy Autumn, Hannah Wyatt

Duke & Goldie know a thing or two about Courage.  The title of their new single, this Nashville skyline shines with vintage hues of desert orange.  The VW van has charted a course for Laurel Canyon through back country landscapes where the duet busks at dusty bars and vies for stage time in pool halls along the way. 

Chasing the tails of George Jones and the Flying Burrito Brothers, Duke & Goldie revive the charm of Americana’s first movement in Rock.  Eric “The Duke” Duquette and Jena “Goldie” Gogo might claim Canada as their homeland, but their sound is classic Nashville.  Updated with an alt country sensibility, it will instantly connects with fans of Margo Price and Shovels and Rope.  

Hear Courage now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist

Sawyer Fredericks new single Lonely Bear has charming roots.  Written with the intention that the narrative evolves like a kids book, it was inspired by his dad and his own personal struggles.  The cover design enhances the concept.  The song itself features the artists believable, broken vocal.  Presented raw and with a vulnerability to match the dire poetry, it immediately pulls at your heart strings.  With alt country appeal and catchy intention we think both fans of breakouts like Tyler Childers and alt indie icons Delta Spirit with embrace it equally.  

Hear Lonely Bear now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Joy Autumn

If you’re going to tackle a Cobain composition you can’t do much better than the reimagining of All Apologies by Joy Autumn.  She doesn’t stray far from the songs design.  She doesn’t need to.  She knows it’s about feeling the narrative and applying it to her own experience.  The performance is believable and an honorable companion to the original.  It’s also interesting hearing the gender swap, though we don’t want to get too caught up in the detail. What the contrast offers is an introspection into Cobain’s own omnipresence and artistic genius. 

The most striking update from Joy’s version comes in the final moments, when the Beatles comparisons really come into focus.  Heard in this manner it really connects the dots between the two iconic projects. 

Hear All Apologies now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Hannah Wyatt is an impressive storyteller with haunting appeal.  These features are on full display on her recent finally (be at peace).  Stylistically we hear the sad folk appeal of Gregory Alan Isakov and Courtney Andrews.  Like them she is instinctually beautiful, melodically gorgeous, and rare in her delivery.  Wyatt’s intoxicating vibrato hooks you. 

Her vocal talent is enough to catch an unfamiliar listener.  She illuminates the vibe with the songs intriguing narrative, investigating life for a religious family that struggles with expectations, demanding a righteous lineage who follow their way & blaming failed children as scapegoats for sins & debt.  Maybe we all know a little about it, or at least know someone who has. 

This kind of intricate narrative recalls the works of her friend and collaborator Tim Mechling, who we have also featured, and who plays harp on her record.

Hanna Wyatt has proven prolific as she arrives with the new 15 song smokeshow that is hummingbird.  Signature cuts include albatross, blood mountain, and the aforementioned bookend finally (be at peace).  Phenomenal front to back, it deserves a full listen. 

Hannah Wyatt is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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