Best New Rock – Deleo, The Loud Bangs, Wynton Existing, Loucas Bretz

French Rockers DELEO return with The Best Is Yet To Be.  The expansive 11 song release includes updates on on four previously released tracks.  Collectively alternating between a dark moody instinct and dance ready intention, Deleo is guaranteed to energize in concert.  There are doses of innovative dance rock with sonic flair, like on expressive songs like Cosmic, You Feel, and Reason.  They bridge the gap between Kings of Leon, the 1975, and Muse, with a sneaky retro influence that adapts these vibes nostalgic.  Altogether epic and anthemic, it’s a version of their sound that could attract retro pop fans and rock fans equally.  

A versatile release, moments like Back to Hell and Unfair accentuate the electro rock influence, whereas Game Lover and Going Home showcase a more introspective side.  This massive collection is best experienced front to back.  If they claim The Best Is Yet To Be, then we can’t wait to hear whats next.  

Deleo is currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist.

The Loud Bangs are here to melt your face.  Their new EP Stray Honey expands their reputation for mind altering arrangements with intense sonic exclamations.  That innovative flex is presented on the introductory Electroprize.  The vibe turns immersive dreamy shoegaze on the avertly seductive Sex Complex.  They lean further into the dreamy beach house shoe gaze adaptation on We All Want to Be All Right.  The grittiness returns on This Is a Japanese Robot.  In the spirit of classic shoegaze The Loud Bangs are equally ferocious and beautiful, eager to embrace new sonic potentials with proto punk aggression.  Bell Gardens bookends the conceptual flow with one last dreamy drip.  

We love how the Loud Bangs create in contempt of shoegaze’s recent indie pop crossover.  This is one of the purest releases we’ve heard in a bit, with a signature artistic attention that’s incomparable among the current field.  Quite simply, they stand out as having derived their own sound within the genre.  And to cap it off, their front person has a magnetic seductive allure with curious contrast.

The Loud Bangs are currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

Wynton Existing caught our attention with the release of their new album Sexual Death.  From the outset they pull you in with the raw violent appeal of Wings of the Fly.  You can hear an influence of Nirvana with some of the polished updates David Grohl brought to the Foo Fighters.  That update is heard in the alternating bridge section which features the influence that 50s rock had on Punk. 

They adapt the influence of Alice In Chains with progressive appeal on the expressive Being.  Their art rock leanings progress further on Sonic Innocence.  They return to their gritty punk roots on the emphatic Juicy Prevalence, doing their best Johnny Rotten then thrashing you back into their modern psych brilliance tagging the history of 80s icons The Cult in the process.  

Altogether the album features a wide scope of influence in Rock.  They have an affinity for bands who were raw, reckless, and energetic within a melodic construct. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this masterpiece, the whole album displays their incredible musicianship.  

Wynton Existing is currently featured on our Best New Rock Playlist

Loucas Bretz taps into a vintage groove on his recent Hotel Melody.  He elegantly bridges the gap between RHCP and Pink Floyd.  It’s dreamy with a psychedelic melodic underlayer.  It’s funky when it wants to be, with stuttering guitar and bass work that adds percussive appeal to the swagger of the drums. 

A rare instrumental to make our list, we were drawn to its progressive drama and epic appeal.  We also dig that he is heavily inspired by  the dark sounds from Arctic Monkey’s ‘Tranquility Hotel Base & Casino’ and Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Melody Nelson.’  You got to love that scope of influence and stylistic intention.  

Dig into Hotel Melody now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  


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