Undiscovered Gems – The Unlimited Stars, Atomic Blonde, Rebecca Lappa, The Franks

The Unlimited Stars caught our attention with their new single Angel Lust.  The singers initial smokey whispery delivery has a seductive affect.  She shape shifts with effortless melodic prowess, ascending to her second level like a tempered siren before resolving to her devilish hush.  The drummer scales the toms in tandem with her exotic flux, adding to the hypnotic gypsy allure. 

The minimalist arrangement adds to its curious appeal and sanctimonious value. It’s built to honor each players poetic insight.  With subtle nostalgia the vibe graces the histories of The Cranberries and Natalie Merchant elegantly.  Like them, the singer behind The Unlimited Stars is rare, connected to some ancient fabric known to the badlands of these haunted lands, conjuring a history of tragedy with her haunting delivery.  

Hear Angel Lust now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Atomic Blonde is an elegant storyteller.  The sentiment rings true on her recent Helen Ann.  Her voice, a conduit for these illuminated narratives.  Her genius, to draw something remarkable from the happenstance of common life.  Her vocal talents, devilishly intoxicating.  In that way she could draw similarities to Ethel Cain or Lana Del Rey. 

Helen Ann also features some dreamy electro production in the style of Christine and the Queens.  Like them, Atomic Blonde can make pop feel spiritual.  With progressive appeal the works of Atomic Blonde trend cinematic, injecting drama and imaginative fury to match its melodic glow. 

Helen Ann is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Rebecca Lappa is infectious on her recent Blue Lips.  The Canadian breakout buzz artist knows how to write a proper hook.  The chorus on Blue Lips is simply fantastic.  Initially innocent, the lyrical clues adapt her vibe with innuendo and sneaky surprise.  The song has nostalgic under layers that display an affinity for retro pop. 

That combination of catchy appeal and retro intention connects with mainstream’s recent 80s pop revival trend.  Lappa is more new wave than mainstream, but with a chorus this strong, she just might crossover.  An instant for fans of Holly Humberstone and Charlotte Day Wilson. 

Dig into Blue Lips now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Franks are convincing on their recent Through The Seasons.  This battered broken vocal can’t shake its melodic instinct.  You can’t force this kind of snarl, it’s a combination of miscare and biology.  You can only hope your voice breaks to this point and stays in key.  The singer for The Franks has likely unknowingly mastered the ability, channeling the legacies of classic broken beauties like Cobain and the Replacements. 

Presented in this style, Through the Seasons has the indie appeal of Hamilton Leithauser or Strand of Oaks.  The jam is simple but catchy as hell, letting the vocal do what it do.  Pull you into its curious appeal and inspire emotional deliverance.  We can dig it. 

Hear Through The Seasons now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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