Retro Pop Revival – Kabelle, Retroglyphs, Das Elite

Kabelle tore us into a million pieces with their new album Restless Mind.  The intoxicating quiver of their majestic lead singer is heard on the very first track.  A Million Pieces has the anthemic presence of collab hits by FM-84 and Ollie Wride.  Those are big shoes to fill in the world of wave, but Kabelle delivers.  That undeniable catchy flair brings mainstream crossover potential in the spirit of one of their heroes, Chvrches.  Kabelle is equally striking.  The UK trio are synth pop masters. 

In the vein of synthwave these nostalgic vibes are updated with a modern sonic elegance.  They write damn good pop songs.  Whether it be the EP’s lead up single Wonder or the flashy title track Restless Mind, Kabelle is consistently addictive.  In that way they bridge the auras of Chvches and Paramore equally.  Like Paramore they write mesmerizing hits that break barriers.  You can call it synth pop, you can call it retro wave, you can call it whatever you want.  Just make sure you add that it’s pure genius.  Don’t deny them. 

Kabelle is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Controversial stylistic wavers Retroglyphs return from the shadows to drop their new single Time To Fly.  Featuring vocals from the elusive singer Are Too, the new single is guaranteed to rifle syntwave purists confused by the bands new scope of influence.  Featuring heavy doses of synth brass, it’s still true to their instrumentation, but with a new tonal spectrum bordering on alternative R&B. 

Regardless, the melody is undeniable infectious melodic gold, and the vocals dripping with swagger and urban attitude.  The guitar work is stuttering and funky in the spirit of The 1975, whereas the musics nostalgic underlayer recalls the legacy of Sade.  She’s from the 80s, so it’s still slightly on brand.  Overall, it just hits different, in a good way.  You can argue that there’s almost nothing in the wave scene like it.  We think it’s FRESH.  

Dig into Time To Fly now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

DAS ELITE flexes on their new EP Landslide.  Featuring 4 impressive  remixes of the title track, you’ve got to admire the artists shapeshifting aesthetic and collaborative thumb.  The primary version is introspective, ripe with emotional deliverance.  The musical vibe is liberating, as if to announce a montage at the finale of a harrowing journey. 

It’s gloriously cinematic with dramatic pomp.  It’s heard in the mid song snare thrusts, crashing like a hammer to a coffin as ethereal synth layers swirl beneath.  The futurists soundtrack potential is real and expansive, ranging from The Neverending Story to Vision Quest, you can’t deny its inspiring epic nature.  

Hear Landslide now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.


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