Emerging Folk – Luke Sital-Singh, Geist,Hamilton Belk, Harvey Forgets

Luke Sital-Singh is ready to discuss this Strange Weather.  The title of his new single, Strange Weather never sounded so gorgeous.  Slightly melancholy, the vocals investigate the parallels between the changes that happen within and about our communities.  It’s directly related to the pandemic and the impact felt when normality came to a halt.  “All my favorite spots have closed down, with nowhere to go now.”  

There’s a little of all of us in Luke’s Stranger Weather.  It’s more than a pandemic retrospective.  It recalls that coming to age realization that the rust will consume everything golden from our youth.  That the people, places, and things that made youth magical also often lose their innocence and shine.  We hear widespread appeal with the musics catchy foundation.  We also hear stylistic similarities to the work of Andrew Bird, Field Report, and Beirut. 

Hear Strange Weather now on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 

We were drawn to the expressive arrangement of Sons & Daughters, the new single from Geist.  Featuring impressive musicianship and undeniable passion, the track features a large scope of influence.  It recalls some of Nels Clines guitar work with Wilco, the compositional soulful southern charm of Ray LaMontagne, and the groovy flow of Lake Street Dive.  They blend it all with their own signature feel. 

If they match this ferocious delivery live, the future will shine bright for these Canadien innovators.  Sons & Daughters is just one of many elegant arrangements occupying their impressive new full length Hurricane Gold. 

Say you knew them when.  Dig into Sons & Daughters now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist. 

Hamilton Belk wants to get Whole Again.  This Nashville skyline contains the vintage orange hues that inspired the works of Glen Campbell and Gram Parsons.  Its color spectrum evolves with hints of Southern Rock and the intellect of Laurel Canyon.  It knows what the psychedelic 60s took from it, absorbs the details that make sense and spew it back like Tennessee dip. 

A song meant for a slow dusty dive feels like proper art given the recent disruptions.  Being a Maine native Hamilton Belk likely knows a thing or two about isolation.  Boasting polar influences like Yumi Zouma and Flo Rida, he has a flair for excitement, even if it presents as a Sad Nashville lullaby. Whole Again has the possibility of exploding in a concert setting, or basking you in its intoxicating flow.  

Hear Whole Again now on our Emerging Folk and Indie County Plalylist.

Harvey Forgets is hypnotic on their ethereal I’ll Come For You.  Like a widows lullaby I’ll Come For You is haunting.  The echoing sonic design accentuates its dramatic intention.  Melodically intoxicating, the singers rare exotic hush recalls the legacies of The Cranberries and Natalie Merchant.  They update these vibes with the indie influence of Alex G and the Sad song appreciation of Elliot Smith. An exciting Bay Area export, Harvey Forgets is a vibe. 

Hear I’ll Come For You now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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