Best New Indie – Josephine, alec rose, The Parlor, som som

Josephine shines on her expressive Cat Mama.  The vintage groove pumps with retro swagger.  The layered production mirrors Spector’s iconic Wall of Sound.  The artist’s rich delivery is prominent in the mix, emphasizing her distinct presence with formidable emotional depth.  This feline homage could draw comparisons to existential poet Father John Misty.  Josephine shares in his introspective elegance and candid insight.  She brings a catchy cadence to this hypnotic melody.  We also hear similarities to Feist and Lana Del Rey.  

What feels like a countryside getaway hides more beneath the surface.  Inspired by the 1960s science fiction novel, “The Drowned World” – Josephine tells a vivid story, juxtaposing the whimsical dreams of owning lavender fields in the south of France with the realities of a climate-changed future. 

Hear Cat Mama now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

alec rose caught our attention with their new single Underwater.  Their smoky hush delivery is intoxicating.  It brings a haunting appeal to their inspired emotional plea.  They apply this hush gracefully and with impressive control.  It keeps it musical and aesthetically pleasing.  They pivot away from it to reveal an alternative bellow, emphasizing a Bon Iver influence though not sounding derivative of his catalog.  alec rose is his own beautiful beast.  

The dreamy production adds to the conceptual flair and sonic submarine experience.  Underwater is melodically refreshing, with a chill vibe that soothes like musical opium.  It has a healing quality, ready to comfort a tortured soul.  It’s the vulnerability in their performance that exercises your own trauma.  alec rose gave all of themself so we can feel something.  That is great art. 

Hear Underwater now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Parlor are inventive on Serpentine.  The fuzzy dramatic textures rip the auditory atmoshere in the songs graphic intro.  The vibe quickly turns dreamy and melodically seductive, as if to enlighten with cosmic metaphysical presence.  It reflects the Zodiac angel seen on the albums cover. 

Serpentine has heavy cosmic presence within a seductive melodic framework.  It’s unconventional, full of melodic surprise and relentless variation.  It bridges the gap between the mainstream appeal of Tame Impala and the underground allure of Khruangbin. It’s fair to call it psych pop, but mostly it’s a proper evolution in pop, taken elements from so much that came before and reforming them like rare sonic soup.  These flavors, entirely new, but not strange enough to disqualify some exciting addictive nostalgia.  

Hear Serpentine now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

som som is catchy on their new single Turn Back The Time.  The initial infectious tempo design adapts explosive in the dramatic chorus change. The sonic surprise brings progressive appeal.  It’s guaranteed to grab you and thrust you forward with anthemic intention.  The violent expression connects with a generation trying to reconnect with their animalistic youth after the repressions of restrictions set them back.  That sentiment reflects the lyrical narrative.  An adolescence cut short before it ever even started.  “You never really got to know me, I thought forgetting you was easy.

Turn Back The Time bridges the gap between the chill pop vibes of Dayglo and the candid alt rock appeal of Car Seat Headrest.  It connects these two evolutions of the indie sound effectively.  We can dig it. 

Hear Turn Back The Time now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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