Indie Folk Gems – Melanie MacLaren, Ryan Wayne, Mary Middlefield, Mieli

Melanie MacLaren certifies her standard for excellence with the release of her new single Henry Hudson.  Her thoughtful omnipresent songwriting offers her gorgeous compositions to flaunt her quivering vibrato.  She keeps her presentation crisp and legible, knowing that the story is part of her flash and the final detail that will crush you. 

She finds the diamonds in the rough of life and she dishes them with unfiltered vigor.  “Time, I’ll stay out your way if you stay out of mine.  Used to see the river from my parents apartments, now it’s blocked by the sanitation dept.  Hells Kitchen is all new construction.  Did you know what you had on your hands Henry Hudson.”  For comparison you can consider Melanie MacLaren to present as if an acoustic Phoebe Bridgers had Dylan’s poetic magic.  

Hear Henry Hudson now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

We dig the dirty canyon stomp of Forty Paces to the Bottom, the new release from Ryan Wayne.  This dusty Americana jam embraces the raw appeal of fellow Canadien Neil Young.  Like him, Wayne writes catchy jams that trend familiar through presenting entirely new.  He adds gritty textures of untamed lead guitars played recklessly.  They keep the vibe wild and offer a preview of how this jam might flesh out live.  The contrast of early Springsteen-esque chime production tags each movement like a place mark, adding autonomy to the alteration and blend of Waynes sound. 

The most striking detail is his signature howl, slightly broken and worn from the truth that bred this composition.  

Hear Forty Paces to the Bottom now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Mary Middlefield recently dropped her 12 song full length Thank You Alexander.  Following a string of impressive singles that have taken a crowded indie field by storm, Middlefield certifies her buzz with this impressive release.  Featuring the notable lead up singles alongside new imaginative works like Case Closed, Middlefield flexes her prolific ability with progressive jest. 

She arrives unconventional but melodically approachable and collectively gorgeous.  In that way she updates the legacy of Joni Mitchell with a new indie production spectrum.  Her arrangements are rich and spare no orchestration.  She’s ready to use everything that modern tech affords her, and she utilizes it effectively.  This epic indie folk is how you hoped Fleet Foxes or Sufjan Stevens might have evolved before they tried too hard. Middlefield belongs at the front of the Orchestra in your city’s most exquisite theater.  We hope she gets there and we want middle row center. 

Mary Middlefield is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

MIELI baffled us with their new release Jag är min,  With just Amanda’s voice and Sebastians intricate picking we are gifted this inspiring folk masterpiece.  Like Astrid Gilberto their lead Amanda smashes through language barriers with her rare modest and graceful delivery.  The silky smooth vocal bypasses the excessive vibrato for a more charming natural serenade.  Her precision is incredible, unwavering beneath the calculated plucks from Sebastian’s guitar, as he flows fluidly beneath the sway of the musics natural tide. 

They update the songbook of Jobim with an indie folk melodic notion known to Kings of Convenience. Mieli is wonderous.  

Jag är min is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 


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