Music Videos We Love – León Larregui, Jake Isaac, VISSIA

Reclaiming the magic of Music Videos one discovery at a time. Here are our favorite recent Music Video discoveries.

León Larregui is best known as the charismatic frontman and guitarist for Latin Grammy Award-winning Mexican neo psych-rock veterans Zoé. He is also a charting solo artist with a diverse writing style that melds sophisticated pop melodies with Latin and rock rhythms and juxtaposes organic instruments with electronic ones. That flash is on full display on his new single Chromocosmic Avenue.  The cinematic intention is illuminated by the impressive companion video.  It’s just one of several music video adaptations we’ve caught from this artist that just made us go “Wow.”  Whether it be the stop-action charm of Holidays or the expressive illustration effects employed in Su Majestad La Eternidad, Larregui is on our radar as a music video master.  His music, the muse for several masterful visual storytellers. 

We dig the infectious retro soul of When It Hurts, the new single from Jake Isaac.  We hear the classic appeal of Otis Redding with an indie sentiment akin to the flair of Leon Bridges.  A solid single on its own, with the the companion music video they make an exciting combination.  Impressive revolving camera work honors the expressive choreography.  The execution is impeccable and seamless, with barely any cuts throughout.  When It Hurts feels so good.  Get into it! 

VISSIA chases seclusion and solitude in the video for her new single Mountaineer.  She gets more than she bargained for.  A wilderness weekend reveals a haunting as a specter of herself leads her astray.  Fear turns to fury as VISSIA literally and figuratively chases her ghost, only to realize the most daunting detail of it all.  It’s all in her head.  That revelation might empower real world convictions upon her return to the conventions of society.  Free yourself from fear and be delivered.  Oh and it’s an exiting stomping jam too with an edgy appeal.  Somewhere between Neil Young and Julien Baker.  VISSIA is a force. 


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