Best New Indie – Virens, Augustine, Buddy Wynkoop, Rushkeys

A soft delicately plucked guitar introduces Stitch Me Back Up, the new single by Virens.  A lead vocal erupts, balanced by a bedrock of seductive harmonies.  An infectious beat adapts the vibe into a groovy jive step.  The veracity grows in tandem with the songs dramatic evolution, building to a climactic finish.  The singer delivers the payload with a final passionate moment that leaves you wanting more. 

This is how we imagine Phoebe Bridges might sound if she fronted Fleet Foxes.  A lockdown love story that brought together two creative gems, Virens are like the Shovels and Rope of indie pop.  Hopefully they keep the love alive.  Stitch Me Back Up has major breaktout potential, it should be enough on its own to brings Virens to the surface. 

Say you heard them first.  Stitch Me Back up is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Dream pop gets a rare update from Swedish artist Augustine.  Their new release Mary Cookins captures an elusive nostalgic vibe, adapting it with an indie sensibility that bends these vibes fresh.  It tags classic soul and 60s pop with psychedelic reverence.  It adapts Motown with an indie pop feel, mostly derived from the angelic lead vocal that flows above the mix elegantly.  Already revered for his 2022 breakthrough albums “Weeks Above The Earth,” Augustine continues to soar above the crowd with an infectious falsetto all his own.  The vibe is absolutely addictive, entrancing you with its hypnotic curious appeal and melodic elegance.  

Hear Mary Cookins now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Buddy Wynkoop caught our attention with their fun new single Relatable.  The punk legacy of Devo gets an indie rock update.  The slightly quirky vocal is more disdain than jest, with attitude that borders on outrage.  It reflects the narratives cyclic insanity, posturing trivialities of our modern predicament.  New conditionings of comfort like Orwellian facades to satisfy societal keepers.  That angry detail connects with selected works from LCD Soundsystem, presented by Buddy Wynkoop with more Smart Guitar appeal.  As if Television and The Strokes teamed up with the aforementioned icons to create one glorious number.  

Hear Relatable now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

We lost ourselves in the intoxicating groove of High Tide, the new single from Rushkeys.  Featuring the seductive vocal stylings of Disc Eyes, High Tide is an elegant combination of dance pop within a dark melancholy composition.  The vocals are insanely catchy, bringing variation and surprise to every section. 

The vocal performance is believable and ripe with emotion, as the artists rapid vibrato quivers with vulnerable appeal.  Rushkeys offers the perfect compositional template to flex the singers skills. High Tide is an exciting crossover hit, equally captivating a dance audience as well as an indie audience hooked on catchy infectious melodic flavor.  It’s fair to connect it with the works of Slyvan Esso and Jayda G for style points, but High Tide really stands alone in its stylistic flavor. 

Hear High Tide now on our Best New Indie Playlist.   


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