Alt Country Jams – The Praire Joggers, Propter Hawk, Michael James Tapscott

The Praire Joggers capture an elusive vintage feel with their new single Move Along.  Like a lost Dylan Basement Tape it captures the soul of Big Pink and the swagger of The Band.  It’s a testament to the instrumentation, with the classic organ crooning beneath a bustling rhythm section.  It’s also reflected in the presentation and warm analog feel. 

The composition is clever too, with descriptive lyrics full of candid imagery and insight.  Like Dylan, they paint our common world poetic, seeing the charm in the happenstance of life.  Move Along is a proper classic rock revival that hits all the marks without sounding derivative.  It’s enough on its own to put these Canadien revival rockers on the map.

Hear Move Along now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist. 

Telephone erupts from the very first note.  Propter Hawk jumpstarts Nashville with head-turning passion and rhinestone flash.  The presence and power of the vocal recalls an early Grace Potter with the dusty backroad appeal of Shovels and Rope. 

Singer Malorie Blake is bringing the truth and taking no prisoners.  The band does her proper too.  Brought together by broken shards of former bands and shady, desperate classified ads, this band of journeymen seems to have found some grace.  Only divine intervention can build a band this good. 

Collectively Propter Hawk is exhilirhating.  Their songwriting is impressive, and Telephone adds an exciting element to a burgeoning catalog of Alt Country Americana flavored jams.  An instant smash for alt country fans, it will also appeal to fans of Rock and the Nashville Elite.  Guaranteed to bring you to your knees in concert.  Say you knew them when. 

Get a dose of Propter Hawk now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist.  

We found instant charm in Cheap Hotel, the new single from Michael James Tapscott.  His withered vocal delivery could draw instant comparisons to Neil Young.  We also hear evidence of indie updates by Kurt Vile.  His writing is simple but clever.  The expressive arrangement graces the Nashville Skyline, recalling the legacy of Gram Parsons and friends. 

Michael James Tapscott twists the cliches of contemporary Country to show the rust beneath.  “Hear we are in a Rhinestone Hell, where the Catfish and the Cowboys Dwell.  Somewhere near Donner Pass, in a cheap hotel.”  

Cheap Hotel is our first taste of his upcoming album The Beasts of History.  Keep the Bay Area breakout on your radar. 

Cheap Hotel is currently featured on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist.  


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