Emerging Indie Folk – Sleepy Pearls, Scoth, Luna Keller, Em Spel

Sleepy Pearls return to soothe us again with their new release Dreamweaver.  The clever lyricism and candid delivery evolve with melodic brilliance as the singer slowly navigates towards her upper register.  It evolves like an introspective journey where the truths reveal themselves through contemplation.  Overwhelmed with the complexity and brevity of it all, she secedes.  “Hold me close until the morning…

The assumed plucked violin that placemarks the melodic notes and details of the composition recall arrangements by Andrew Bird, presented in this manner with the indie folk appeal of Claire or an acoustic Phoebe Bridgers.  It’s an intoxicating blend that unfolds like an imaginative cinematic montage.  To her last breath you follow her down the path of dissassociation.  “Dreamweaver,” she chants as you fade into bliss.

Hear Dreamweaver now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

Scoth caught our attention with their new single Hopeless Tourist.  The introductory interweaved guitars entangle you in their melodic brilliance.  The hypnotic revolutions resonate with a harmonious ring.  The primary lush vocal settles like a dreamy sonic blanket.  The affect is comforting, recalling the early works of Fleet Foxes with some of the expressive melodic guitar work of Sufjan Stevens.  The cascading harmonies and call and response design add a cinematic intrigue.  

Cousins Darragh Purcell and Evan Flaherty describe putting down the video games and picking up the guitars to birth ScothHopeless Tourist also features Meg LaGrande on strings. It’s was produced, mixed and mastered by Darragh Purcell.  Get lost in this tale chronicling visiting a lover abroad, and the challenge to find the natural spark that kept love inspired.  

Hear Hopeless Tourist now on our Emerging Indie Folk Playlist

Luna Keller returns with the pensive wonder of The Philosopher.  A introspective journey about the trials of loving someone who’s beyond your reach, it recalls a valuable lesson my Mother told me, “you can’t change a person.”  The artist admits that the song is a metaphor for our inner over thinker, the voice in our head that holds us back with one thousand “what ifs” and stops us from being present.

She presents this narrative through the observation of an emotionally unrequited lover.  She dictates this tale with the melodic charm and impeccable skill that has made her an in house favorite.  Not just a gorgeous singer, but also an inspired storyteller mining new diamond narratives from the coalmines of life.  

The Philosopher has an inspiring resolution, when an ethereal layer of harmonies sings “He’ll let you know when he finds the answer.  He’ll let you know when his bones are clean. He’ll tell you the stories of all the wonders he has never seen.”  The Philosopher awakes to live for today, a patient lover can only hope.  

Hear The Philosopher now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Em Spel shows dramatic flare on her expressive Ghost Story.  The intricate composition and progressive arrangement are collectively mesmerizing.  Like a natural living breathing habitat the composer runs wild, fleeting the confides of convention with each adapted section.  As if to reposition her conceived understanding in tandem with the songs intended concept.  “You might try pretending you don’t see them.” 

With each pivot and timing pick up she convinces herself it’s all an illusion, a trick of the eye.  Her performance is convincing, with theatrical flair enhanced by her melodic prowess.  Stylistically we hear the legacy of Joni Michell with some of the added compositional intellect of Joanna Newsom. 

Hear Ghost Story now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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