Best New Indie – Wallace Field, Siobhan Mazzei, Dandelion Head, Slight Light

We were entranced by the emotional quiver known to singer Wallace Field.  Their new single Breaking Promises is an instant classic.  The vocal performance is ripe with emotional vulnerability and conjured hurt. An intoxicating groove adds to the allure. 

The singers rare presence is enough to catch your attention, but they seal the deal with an innovative lyrical concept.  It connects with a generation where everyone is aspiring to do something, and the demand to support the scene becomes daunting.  ‘Maybe breaking promises is what I needed.”  If Traci Chapman and Sinead O’connor had a love child raised on Sharon Van Etten.  Intrigued?  Don’t sleep on Breaking Promises.  Say you knew her when.  

Hear Breaking Promises now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Siobhan Mazzei rants poetic on her infectious new single Yuh.  The rapid fiery delivery pops with percussive cadence.  Crisp and legible it captivates with impressive wordplay.  Subtle nostalgic references collide with candid nuances of our shared human experience.  The lyrical concept reflects the frantic construction.  There are clear similarities to Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire,”  but with the urban attitude of Sam Fender and moments of dreamy contrast known to the Cranberries.  Yuh. Never relents, it hits from start to finish with exhilarating uncompromise. 

Get Hooked.  Hear Yuh.  Now featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Dandelion Head wants to let you know that you’ve got Love On Your Side.  The indie journeyman should embrace the good vibes of life, as he leads one full of grace and humble majesty.  Whether he’s working as a touring musician with icons like Richard Marx or creating his own inspired anthems, he walks the way of his words.  The new single permeates with hope while remaining within an indie vibe, not an easy thing to achieve. 

Stylistically he bridges the gap between Paul Simon and Field Report.  Like many Simon classics he spans an expressive melodic spectrum within a reserved vocal delivery.  He dresses the production intriguingly with an electro pump to give it indie pop color, and some tickling synths for texture.  He adds an unexpected closing sax solo that adds additional variation and surprise.  Collectively Love On Your Side is a great release that continues the artists recent trend of undeniably catchy singles.  

Hear it now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Our deep indie find of the day would have to be Tunnel Vision, the new 6 song release from the project Slight Light.  Little is known about the project.  Sonically we dig the aesthetic.    The arrangements are illuminated with dynamic synths, expressive guitars, and groovy accents.  It’s also collectively eclectic.  Moments like Get Unstuck are melodically delicious, bridging the vibes of MGMT, Dr Dog, and Mac Demarco effectively.  The single At The Door jives with indie pop swagger and retro rock appeal, while the vibe heavy title track shows an influence of post rock and dream pop.  Altogether it’s a buzzworthy debut with major potential.  Dig into the full release for ultimate immersion.  

Slight Light is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


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