Trip Hop Discovery – Fernandez, Three Eyes, Sotela

We were drawn into the hypnotic appeal of No Body, the new single from Fernandez.  An expressive composition with classic flare and retro appeal cites an aura of vintage soundtracks to your favorite epic mystery dramas, movies like the James Bond.  Fernandez brings an exotic, elusive delivery bred from Billie Holiday instincts and conjuring a history of hurt with this impactful performance. 

Like Winehouse and Duffy, Fernandez is strangely nostalgic rare fruit.  Her sultry vibe brings intoxicating sex appeal, wrapping you up like a siren chameleon assassin.  She identifies herself as playing both friend and femme fatale within the songs lyrical narrative, and she honors the sentiment with an impassioned performance full of theatrical conviction.  She doesn’t play the part, she personifies it.  Like a cinematic montage No Body induces visions of Hollywood splendor and decadence.  It does it within an infectious groove and brilliant arrangement.  

Fernandez is currently featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. 

Three Eyes

We were entranced by the infectious appeal of I Bleed In Sleep, the new single from Three Eyes.  The initial aggressive beat drop quickly relents to reveal an experimental soundscape.  From there the imaginative evolutions come in tandem.  The collective arrangement is out of this world, displaying a rare experimental aesthetic with exciting uncompromise.  Even still, Three Eyes keeps it melodically delicious.  We dig it immensely.

Three Eyes is the moniker of California native Jewel Marsh, whose knack for sonic adventurism and appreciation of generation-spanning musical craft makes itself apparent in the project’s diverse, textured, and colorful sound palette.  She honors the legacy of iconic innovators like Bjork with vibrant layers similar to the works of Polica. 

Enjoy I Bleed In My Sleep now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist

Sotela caught our attention with their new single Pillow.  It’s unclear who the singer is, but her raspy lush vocal brings vintage swagger and urban flex.  The arrangement is intoxicating, with a downtempo groove that scans the legacy of a turntable induced backbeat.  Rich synths blanket the atmosphere, adding to the depth and immersive quality of the mix. 

Sotela is a multi-talented Latin-American music producer, artist, and composer who blends electronic music and synthesizers with pop.  Pillow is an impressive trip hop style release that recalls the works of Thievery Corporation and Wax Tailor. 

Hear Pillow now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  


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