Best New Indie – Clemencie, Curiositi, Baba Yaga, The Great Indoors

We dig the innovative lyrical jest of Formal Wear, the new release from Clemencie.  The narrative connects with a generation trying to pave their own way in a new enlightened world.  The poetic observations come furious in an inspired flurry as the singer dissects trivialities of our classic acquired formalities.

These trivialities are personified through their former paradigm lover, that enigma that isn’t what you thought they were.  They dish this tale of growth with elite synth pop catchy appeal, one that has won them attention in their native Bristol.  Already enjoying hometown success, it’s just a matter of time before they burst onto the international indie scene.  They’ve got the fashionable appeal and young tuff aesthetic to shine through.  They bridge the indie pop aura of Holly Humberstone with the raw conviction of Wolf Alice.  We can dig it.

Say you knew them when.  Dig into Formal Wear, now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Curiositi captures a rare vibe on their new single Sunset.  This vintage groove pumps with glossy swagger.  It recalls the legacy of Fleetwood Mac with the indie sensibility of Midlake.  The lead vocal is sultry and seductive within a reserved construct, one that doesn’t over embellish her instinctual sex appeal. 

The harmony vocals descend like a sunset that rescues you from a hot summer day.  They land soft and aesthetically comforting.  “He says all he wants is me.”  The sentiment lands strong, and presented in this manner, personifies the attraction of being wanted.  A solid collective release from this intriguing Swedish export. 

Hear Sunset now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Baba Yaga caught our attention with the new single Troubled Times (feat Meals).  The innovative electro first design illuminates an unconventional composition.  The unassuming duet is exotic, with both voices bringing parallel vibes that compliment impressively.  Their accents bring urban attraction, seducing you with their curious foreign appeal.  Her’s, an intoxicating lush smoky delivery that gets under your skin.  His, a backstreet swagger full of attitude and assertive confidence.  This soft landing electro pop has the crossover potential of The XX.  It’s also a perfect addition for your late night playlist.  

Baba Yaga is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

The Great Indoors are anthemic on their new single Music You Can Play At Home.  They channel the legacy of 80s alternative icons like The Smiths with an updated indie rock sensibility known to Sam Fender.  They bring urban attitude and vexed emotional with melodic appeal. 

The shimmering chorus drenched guitar immerse you in harmonious elegance.  It’s the singers attitude and punk derived flex that gives it the most reverence.  It loosely connects with underground innovators like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, though The Great Indoors are more approachable.  That gives them radio potential, and the new single is the proper hit to break through. 

Hear Music You Can Play At Home now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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