Music Videos We Love – Raia Was, Miranda and The Beat, Mirabelle Rose, Carbon County

What It Feels Like is a straight vibe.  The new single from Raia Was recalls the legacy of Kate Bush.  It’s innovative, unconventional, and melodically intoxicating.  We also hear the indie sensibility of Christine and The Queens.  The video illuminates the vibe heavy appeal, featuring the artist fully connected to the metaphysical fabric that inspires her music. Check it out!

Miranda and the Beat encapsulate their vibe through their video Sweat.  Pysch punk with ruthless attitude and elite swagger, the band embraces their gritty ethos.  Whether they’re cruising the avenue or hanging in, they stay true to character.  The group is just too cool for school.  They know they’re sexy and they flash a quick thirst trap in tandem with their lyrical jest, but they’re smart to keep it on brand.  This is how we imagine the Kills would sound if they collaborated with King Gizzard.  We can dig it.  Check it out!

Mirabelle Rose investigates humanities seclusive future on the gorgeous video Willow’s Lullaby.  The expansive landscapes, with their reflective pools and vast watercolor sunsets are breathtaking backdrops.  At the focal point are an array of thrilling sometimes slow motion shots of the artist in an array of poses, sometimes in modern dance, and often decorated in flowing fabrics.  Paired with the musics experimental fluid nature, Willow’s Lullaby is exhilarating.  

Carbon County have teamed up with ‘Millennium Bugs’ director Alejandro Montoya Marin and veteran comic actor Tommy Chong on the video for their new song Panic!  Recalling the legacy of classic B films and modern goofy sci fi institutions like Men In Black, the video is a fun addition to the pop punk jam. Set in the 90s, our favorite segment has to be the modem parody.  You’ll have to hang through to catch it.  Give Panic!  A spin! 


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