Emerging Folk – Little Misty, David Berg, Jon McLeod, Dylan Seeger

A pitter patter percussive presence kicks off Alma, the new release from Little Misty.  This tale of hope and innocence has the cinematic musical presence of a coming of age novella.  The imaginative arrangement gives the compositional theatrical flair and rare progressive indie folk designation.  Dreamy in an innovative manner, it defies assumption elegantly.  Full of variation and surprise, Alma is thrilling. It connects with the works of Joni Mitchell, Grizzly Bear, and Andrew Bird.  It’s a testament to its masterful creativity and melodic appeal.  

Give Alma a spin and let it spin you round, now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.

David Berg captures a serene vibe on his new single Mexico.  Like a southern oasis his vibe lands refreshing, but the lyrical construct pulls with melancholy contrast.  A tale of regret and escape, Mexico explore the challenges of running away from your problems.  It feels truthful, coming from a place of genuine crisis.  A song for people who don’t have all the answers but know that somethings needs to give.  It brings a dark twist to a soothing indie folk vibe known to The Lumineers or CAAMP, it’s melodically delicious but convincingly gloomy. 

Mexico is the lead single off of his beautiful new EP, I’ll just love you from far away. The provided press photo really captures the aura and genuine charm of this statement about creating the release, provided by David. “…these songs mean a lot to me. They are born from the loss of direction and sense of uncertainty that comes after the end of a relationship. That feeling of, “what now?”. I think it’s a feeling many people know. I have been traveling across Latin America, with a microphone and a laptop, going from one unfamiliar country to the next. Borrowing guitar after guitar in broken Spanish, trying to channel that feeling into my songs.”

We think he captured that vibe effectively.

Lose yourself to Mexico now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

A warm textured guitar introduces Lily’s Game, the new single from Jon McLeod.  The bright calculated picking adds a warm analog inspired foundation.  There’s a subtle lofi appeal in the spirit of Kurt Vile, with a hush vocal and indie folk vibe akin to Sufjan Stevens.  Droning orchestration builds into the arrangement adding harmonious depth.  

The presentation is directly connected to the inspiration that sparked this creative fire.  From the artist himself, Jon had the idea for producing in this approach after discovering (forgotten) old demo’s he had recorded on some C90 and Maxell cassettes years ago and remembered how much he enjoyed the process of analogue recording, without looking at a computer screen and without having availability to a vast array of plug ins and software applications.  That genuine affect and instinct shines through on this dreamy cinematic indie folk hit. 

Hear Lily’s Game now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Dylan Seeger caught our attention with his new release Moon House.  We were drawn to the lyrical jest and playful poetry.  It reminds us of defunct songwriter Badly Drawn Boy with some of the theatrical flair known to Father John Misty.  Like them, Seeger investigates the mundane and trivial curiosities.  He finds gold in the dust, glimmers of hope to color the sad boy appeal wonderous. 

With classic pop instincts the arrangement is intriguing, citing vocal arrangements known to 60s pop and even The Beatles.  Listen to the end to find out the name of his moon mouse.  A clever little trick that’ll find you turning your volume up to 11, nice work Dylan. 

Moon House is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 


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