Best New Indie – V V Brown, The Murlocs, Cobbler, Jacob King

V V Brown captures a rare infectious vibe on her new single Black British.  With the new release Artist, mother, activist, journalist & teacher V V Brown returns to her music career after a 6-year hiatus to attend to her mental health & focus on raising children. 

Black British is undeniably anthemic.  The songs empowering message honors her heritage and its powerful legacy.  The aggressive vocal design bears evidence of both funk and soul, remnants of Sly Stone and P Funk with the modern appeal of Lauryn Hill.  The lyrics are clever and the bridge section rap emphasizes her studied intellect.  Black British straight slaps, embrace it. 

Hear Black British now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

The Murlocs bring Initiative to help you get the party started.  This infectious stomper recalls southern rocks rebellious roots.  The originators were embraced by excommunicated funk troubadours, beatnik bi-products who inspired the first wave of hippies.  At their essence they embraced decadence and non-conformity.  The music was the soundtrack to their escapades.  The legacies of Country Joe and Graham Parsons can be heard in Initiatives country fused foundation, with some of the psych induced updated indie appeal of Dr Dog. 

 The Murlocs sound like a good time and the video endorses the sentiment.  Initiative is just one task of their stylistic exploits, as these psych rockers evolve in tandem with their induced curiosity.  Don’t sleep on this Australian exports, like fellow natives King Gizzard, they are bringing something exciting and fresh to the world of indie evolution.  

Hear Initiative now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Cobbler finds their voice on the new full length Songs, Delayed.  The artists 3rd album release marks the first he’s dared to sing on. The result is a ferocious melodic creative keepsake.  The vocal attention is as diverse as the music.  On one hand he can bring a  catchy auto tune graced vocal design like on Anthropolitics and Love Squared.  He also finds his alter ego on dark cuts like Stuck and Lord of the Flies 99’.  The dynamic vocal appeal compliments the musics diverse aesthetics, with sonic arrangements that bear evidence of lo fi beats, industrial, trip hop, and dream pop. 

The cosmic doses are abundant, he blazes stylistic paths, all within the same aesthetic forest but never recovering his steps.  Every song is like its own cinematic musical world.  In that way the project connects with Gorillaz, but with a darker electro blessed appreciation in the vein of Joji or James Blake.  Collectively Songs, Delayed is an intriguing release worth its weight, or “wait” as so to honor the artists delay in releasing this impressive collection. 

Cobbler is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Jacob King wants you to wake up and see The Universe.  Make it the first musical moment of your day, like first thing in the morning.  King gives a lot of himself to the very first moment of this song so you don’t have to.  A clever way to get your attention, it hits. 

Like a modern Syd Barrett, Jacob King is beautifully insane.  He matches that sentiment with a glorious 60s folk psych pop inspired jam that matches its melodic instinct with a lofi aesthetic known to the time.  In the end, it’ll be the shrieks that you’ll remember most.  Wake up losers.  

The Universe is calling now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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