Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Abby Dormer, Maximiliano, Miranda Faul, Luke De-Sciscio

Abby Dormer is soothing on the serene Fig Tree.  An expressive arrangement blends the innovative contemporary feel of Joni Mitchell with an indie flair known to acts like First Aid Kit or Monsters of Folk.  The orchestration and how it blends into the dark melodic arrangement bears evidence of Nick Drake. 

Produced beautifully, Abby’s voice is still the most captivating feature.  Her delivery is cinematic and full of wonder and discovery.  She sings with a joy that presents these words like a revelation or an awakening as she celebrates our reality.  Offered in this manner, it inflates the perplexing nature of our happenstance in this world full of extraordinary details so often overlooked.  

Enjoy Fig Tree now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Love In The Shadows erupts with a foot stomping shuffle and emphatic vocal.  Maximiliano pulls you in and never relents.  The new single is furious.  Full of conviction and candid appeal, the vocal performance is a statement.  It bridges alt country and the stomp-and-holla aesthetic effectively, as if Shakey Graves took over Drive By Truckers. 

Maximiliano is melodically effective with some smoker grit to his voice that gives it a tough rust.  It brings texture and feel to his drawn out inflections, scars that bear the witness to a life well travelled with every performance.  Captured elegantly here on this new barn burner foot stomper.  A headliners worst nightmare, Maximiliano would be a tough act to follow. 

Hear Love In The Shadows now on our Emerging Folk and Indie Country Playlist

Miranda Faul is intoxicating on her new song Renegade.  There are exotic layers to her voice, featuring a nostalgic Irish accent and rapid vibrato which she dictates with effective control.  The song itself is melodically intriguing, specifically how she applies her vocals with harmonious appeal, stretching the musical spectrum.  It offers her voice as an instrument to the collective arrangement, invigorating the otherwise bare minimalistic presentation with a harmonic depth and immersive full feel.

Her voice, a hypnotic siren presence that feels trustful and inviting.  Beneath the songs melancholy moody vibe it stands out like a source of safety and comfort, as if she’s guiding you into the light like a guardian angel.  Lyrically she works to find common ground with this conceptual renegade, to show them that the grace is in the moment.  Collectively Renegade is powerful, and the kind of track that should put Miranda Faul on the map. 

Hear Renegade now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Luke De-Sciscio continues his standard in excellence with his recent Bigger Than The Devil.  With a candid performance he honors his authentic raw genuine delivery.  The result is soulful and intoxicating, as if to offer a glimpse at his musical spirit.  The narrative reflects the emotional performative, as De-Sciscio fights through the demons that intend to define him. 

The artists dynamic catalog is evolving to showcase an exciting breadth of influence.  For us he’s a sure thing for fans of Hozier, Jeff Buckley, and Jose Gonzalez.  He shares in their remarkable rare vocal talent and the exotic spiritual feel they bring to their music. 

Hear Bigger Than The Devil now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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