Music Videos We Love – Stella Rose, Megafauna, X+Y=U, Kesmar

Stella Rose is a star.  The daughter of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan is paving her own path, and we can back that up.  We found this information out after the fact and honestly we’re ready to discard it just as soon as we’ve received it.  If the lineage means something to you great, but the association is an afterthought.  Stella Rose asserts herself repeatedly, but most viciously on her new single Faithful

The combination of angst and sexual violence seeps through the aggressive vocal performance, as Stella Rose adds an element of post punk into her melodic industrial goth flavor fest.  The video embraces the strange, a combination of horror and suggestive imagery, it challenges our limits of desire.  The dark but beautiful contrast compliments the songs innovative arrangement.  She bridges the auras of NIN and The Kills. Plus Stella Rose brings it live, so catch her in your nearest city and say you knew her when. Print it. 

Megafauna matches their experimental ethos with an imaginative video for their song Sometimes Island.  Heavily featuring their infectious front woman, the video’s conceptual Alice In Megafauna Land illuminates her star presence.  Elegant costumery and an array of David Lynch level set designs never relents.  This impressive video release adds another dynamic to the projects already exciting musical foundation.  The video is freakin’ phenomenal.  

X+Y=U simply floored us with their project 916.  The project is a 9+ minute work that includes a short movie.  They tell the story with a soundtrack of works meant specifically for the project.  In their words, the basis of the story involves “A lonely old man who becomes addicted to virtual reality which simulates his happy memories. But when it turns into a twisted nightmare, he discovers there’s something else he hasn’t recognized in his past.” 

This sci fi epic holds well on its own, guaranteed to bring a film fest to its feet.  The songs are dreamy and expressive too.  It ties together with progressive appeal and theatrical flair.  The cinematography, performances, and all around execution are impeccable.  Beware, the processing of buried memories brings new burdens.  We love it.  

KESMAR is charming.  His yacht rock appeal compliments the companion video for his new single Is It You I Miss.  The nostalgic 60s pop aesthetic suits the musics vibe.  We hear the legacy of Todd Rundgren with an updated indie appeal known to acts like The Thrills.  It’s a feel good contemporary retro vibe fit for this classic montage.  This is how we imagine St Francisco felt during the first season of the Brady Bunch. KESMAR eludes our fractured corrupted minds. If you dig this, you’ll enjoy his whole catalog. He’s found his sound and he finds it within all shades of his rainbow, we are fans!


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