Emerging Indie Folk – Katie Boeck, Tobias Arbo, Bernard Hering, Starpainter,

We know Katie Boeck is a lurking star.  Her new single Calico (Lonely Love) is only going to enhance her budding career.  Her intoxicating delivery scales the melodic spectrum gracefully, bringing a sense of soul and inspired R&B majesty, adapted with indie folk swagger.   She adapts the classic vibes of Joni Mitchell with the soulful approach of Traci Chapman, adding her own scope of influence and upbringing to illuminate the aura. 

Boeck is a true original, and she showcases most of her shades on this effective single, adding a groovy percussive cadence in the songs closing section to suggest she has trip hop potential.  We dig her career opening with this acoustic first designation, it lends itself to touring and focusing on her rare vocal talent.  The single is blessed with a gorgeous worldly percussion arrangement and layers of nylon guitars and roaming piano.  If you’re looking for the next contemporary mainstream breakout a la Norah Jones, this is it.  She matches the sentiment with her royal Queen status, the girl got it. 

Katie Boeck is featured on our Emerging Folk playlist

Tobias Arbo caught our attention with their new single Carousel.  The playful intro recalls the compositional flow of Andrew Bird, slightly contemporary but with an inventive flair and unique melodic presence.  The productions progression honors the sentiment, with a tickling percussive design that brings a dreamy imaginative vibe. The epic outro gives the overall work a cinematic presence.  Carousel is a journey with montage potential.

Carousel was released as a single in advance of the new EP Powerlines.  Front the back the new EP is phenomenal, featuring previously released singles along with the dreamy title track.  All on brand and all worth their weight in gold, Tobias Arbo is the real deal.

Tobias Arbo is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Bernard Hering is convincing on his new single Only a broken heart away.  The simple presentation of the artist in contemplation with his guitar has a candid charm.  The words escape sheepishly, as he presents them with a sense of vulnerability and hurt that paints this narrative real.  Melodically it bears evidence of traditional folk pioneers like Jackson C Frank with some of the indie adaptation known to sad folksters like Gregory Alan Isakov or The Tallest Man On Earth. 

The tonal design matches the sentiment, as the mix has a vintage analog appeal, with an echo that fills the crevices of this conceptual town theater.  In an era of elite production, sometimes simple shines elegant. 

Bernard Hering is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Starpainter knows the lure that comes with Low-Hanging Fruit.  The title of their new single, Low-Hanging Fruit is a foot stomping alt country jam that bears an exciting flair of indie rock influence.  Most notably we hear elements akin to My Morning Jacket.  Low-Hanging Fruit is rocking in the vein of classic Neil Young with the vocal prowess of Jackson Browne.  The singer navigates the songs melodic spectrum within a relaxed range, tapping into his falcetto to grab from the top branches. 

The Canadian five piece is tight, with a foot stomping design that injects energy into the mid tempo jam.  Low-Hanging Fruit is an effective calling card to see this band perform live.  

Starpainter is currently featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist


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