Women of Trip Hop – Nobody’s Wolf Child, Noosh, Ayleen Valentine, Murmur Tooth

An intense interpretive performance and epic costumery deserve such cinematic brilliance, with beautiful lighting and crisp cinematography to illuminate the genius that is Nobody’s Wolf Child.  Their new single Nobody’s is assertive and empowering.  With an animalistic sex appeal the personified beast girates and flows suggestively, adding innuendo to her otherwise demonic presence.  It challenges our twisted attraction with rare seduction, as if to wonder how we could find any appeal in the gross features and terrifying details.  But we do, and that is the contrast and abstract genius to compliment the musics dark romantic aura. 

With elements of trip hot, dark pop, and electro goth, Nobody’s Wolf Child brings an infectious breadth of influence.  The mulit-dimensional aesthetic suits that combination, and she presents it effectively.

Nobody’s Wolf Child is featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

Noosh is infectious on her recent single Bury It.  Her sultry delivery features a bit of scorn, a bitter bite that gives her vibe a dark edgy appeal.  The innovative abstract electro tempo design adds to her unique presence, recalling the works of Bjork and St Vincent.  That experimental appeal brings a broad scope of interest from both indie and trip hop fans hooked on rare artistically rich projects.  Noosh delivers, adding an urban vocal appeal akin to Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen. 

Her first release as a solo artist, the attitude isn’t just some musical quip.  From the artist herself,   “I grew up immersed in purity culture and learned to stake much of my self worth in that standard, which led to nearly lethal self loathing and shame when that line was crossed.”

More than just a sultry infectious vibe, Bury It is an anthem for Women everywhere whose worths have been distorted by ancient ideals meant to enslave them.  The revolution is now.  F*ck with Noosh and find out. 

Bury It is featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist

A lush smoky delivery brings eery mystery to the opening section of epitaph, the new single from Ayleen Valentine.  The emotional depth draws your curiosity, as you investigate what could have triggered this expression.  The contrast of her sad but sultry appeal calls to you like forbidden fruit.  The electro groove adds an otherworldly elements, complimented by embellishments of delay as the vocal dissolves like a fleeting angel. 

It’s all gone in a fury, like a haunting that plagues your life mission as you search to recover that one elusive metaphysical moment.  It defines you.  Valentine captures that aura beautifully, the epitaph, realized in song.  It also straight grooves in the closing section. We love the progressive appeal and the Trip Hop appeal featured in the songs closing section.

Hear epitaph now on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist. 

Murmur Tooth takes on an Alice Cooper classic with a reimagined version of Poison.  A minimalistic design accentuates the lyrical imagery, all enhanced with the singers trademark sultry delivery.   Her voice is seductively raw.  There’s a curious mystery to her musical personality, one that suggests there’s devilish intent.  That dark seductive sex appeal represents the gothic trip hop we can’t get enough of.  What happens when a Metal Girl and House producer collaborate? Find out. 

Murmur Tooth is currently featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist.  


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