Retro Pop Revival – Xul Zolar, Geographer, 2Libras, Darkways

Xul Zolar caught our attention with their new single Plans.  They capture a rare retro mood with an authentic presence that sets them apart from the field of retro pop revival projects.  The vocal bears evidence of The Smiths or Echo and The Bunnymen with an unfamiliar chord structure akin to Talk Talk and a groove that could be mistaken for Fleetwood Mac.  It’s an intriguing breadth of influence.  Altogether it’s dreamy with an expansive arrangement full of melodic surprise.  Collectively superb, it’s the vocal performance that illuminates its rare appeal.  The sad boy 80s alternative lost romantic transmits genuine, as the singer personifies the narrative with convincing expression.  You can hear him mourning and it’s eerily attractive. 

  Hear Plans now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

I Don’t Remember It Starting – Geographer

We instantly connected with the infectious new single from Geographer, I Don’t Remember It Starting. His gorgeous falsetto and emotive delivery settles gracefully into the music’s catchy nostalgic retro pop design. It’s the intoxicating affect known to Morrissey or Rick Astley but with more attention and natural inclination towards the high end. Almost like a retro pop Sam Smith but dare we say even smoother than Smith himself and we honestly prefer this to anything in his catalog.

The artist presents as somewhat awkward which only adds to the appeal. His magnetic personality and flowing choreography can be enjoyed on the songs fantastic companion video. Retro pop and synthwave fans will love this, but we also hear major indie crossover potential. It’s a hit. Say you heard it first.

Geographer is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.

Seattle based cyberpunks 2Libras recently released their new album World’s End.  Electro pop with retro flavor, it embraces multiple aesthetics.  Most prominently it drips with synthwave flair, though there are doses of industrial influence mixed in. 

What stands out most significantly is elegant contrast of the two lead vocals.  Their distinct punk inspired deliveries compliment each other impressively, bringing cinematic reverence to the collective work.  They drip with heavy nostalgia in parrallel mediums, his a dark bassy gothic dark romantic and hers a bubble gum urban pop a la vintage Madonna.  They marry their magnetism with a fashionable stage show that accentuates their star potential. Whether it’s the moody intoxicating dark feel of Golden Age Of Isolation or the infectious electro pop of Endless, World’s End is full of gems that deserve your full attention.  Stream the album front to back. 

2Libras are currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

The Barcelona based band Darkways bursts onto the synthwave scene with their new release Neon Lights, their first since their 2016 self titled premier.  Highlights include the infectious energetic breakout I Like The Night (and the night likes me) as well as the title track Neon Lights.  They bring post punk attitude into the synthwave aesthetic.  On Neon Lights they bridge the gap between Miami Nights and Kavinsky, where I Like The Night brings the vibe of The Cult into the synthwave sphere. It’s an enticing scope of influence guaranteed to intrigue retro fans.  

Darkways is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


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