Best New Indie – Pan-Pacific Grand Prix, June Vide, Andie Mechanic, Ruairí & The Owls 

Pan-Pacific Grand Prix wonder What’s The Point Of Anything?  The Australian export investigates theses truths with the art punk appeal of Velvet Underground, updated with an indie sensibility known to Parquet Courts and an added crisp musicianship known to Wilco.  The groovy catchy pump builds in tandem with the daunting narrative, as the singer digs deep to uncover the insanity of it all.  Almost no stone is left unturned in his dooming exposé.  “Whats the point of mini golf?  What’s the point of getting off?  What’s the point of trying to be better?  Whats the point of having dreams?”  The nihilistic tirade pulls you into the closing freak out effectively, enticing you to cut loose beneath the heavy weight of uselessness. 

We can dig it. Pan-Pacific Grand Prix is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

We were entranced by the retro tinged indie pop of Rowdy!, the new single from June Vide.  A tinkering abstract electro drum with the soft electric piano chiming above will drawn instant similarities to the opening arrangement of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight.  June Vide embraces the influence while adapting the ascension. 

They add a refreshing feel good groove blessed with their own instinctual melodic magnetism.  The affect is captivating as the singers spiritualized vocal showcases her lush emotive delivery and inherent sultry appeal.  We hear evidence of Charlotte Day Wilson and The Weather Station or an indie pop leaning Florence Welsh.  

Get lost to Rowdy! now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

We were drawn into the sonic contrast of Clinton, the new single from Andie Mechanic.  The opening acoustic is invaded by a distorted explosion that rips through the atmoshphere with cinematic aggression, as if to rip into the fabric of reality with horrific otherworldly intervention.  The contrast of the artists initial sweet harmless delivery adds to its curious appeal, as the music churns like her boiling unconscious.  The sonic atmosphere builds to an eruption as the artist breaks out of her skin with a passionate second level. 

The commanding performance is captivating, as she releases her reserved demeanor for a tirade.  Gone in a flash, she creeps back into her disguise for the songs closing section, though it’s clear now, that Clinton is no refuge.  As if Phoebe Bridgers was blessed with the sonic elegance of James Blake.  Clinton brings it full circle. 

Hear Clinton now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Ruairí & The Owls are anthemic on Lying Eyes.  A gorgeous duet evolves out of an infectious backbeat and nostalgic composition.  The 1st half features a the quivering vibrato of an intoxicating female verse.  She sings with a sense of reckless shame, as if she’s dissecting her secrets while she works through a hangover.  It adds to the conceptual appeal of Lying Eyes

His second half verse matches the sentiment, with a sense of revelation and painful admittance.  He sees what it is and what it isn’t and he accepts his part in all of it.  A catchy song in its own right, it the performance of this duet that should make it a breakout hit. 

Dig into Lying Eyes now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


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