Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Gunslingers, Rose Haven Motor Hotel, Tess Clark, Rob Clamp

Gunslingers caught our attention with their impressive new 6 song EP Green Acres Motel.  Singer Lou Heneise presents fresh Outlaw style gems and colors them classic with the help of the rustic cow-hands that accompany her.  The presentation is rustic with a vintage quality that gives it nostalgic reverence, as if they came in from the farm and pressed record on the tape machine while they sang around the fire. The introductory stand out How To Sleep is blessed with a scorn and weathered perspective.  Rapid calculated picking rambles beneath Lou’s attitude rich vocal as she recalls this tale of peril and suffering. 

The mood picks up on the subsequent Step Up, as the scorn turns jolly and reflective.  Happy Hunting and Winking are charming cheeky campfire jams that honor the projects time and place.  The dark appeal returns on Old Friend.  “Good morning hearthache, like an old friend that’s come to see me again.”  The EP closes with the abstract cinematic mystery of Gloryland.  The classic southern gospel hymnal is invaded by a demonic sonic jester, as if to suggest there’s more than meets the eye.  

Gunslingers are featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Rose Haven Motor Hotel bursts onto the scene with their prophetic Nebraska.  Collectively on theme, the song appears to mirror the projects title.  Nebraska unfolds like an ode to the Nomad lifestyle.  Like a running train the drum’s shuffle emulates a bustling troubadour rumbling down some endless highway to nowhere. Nebraska seems like the proper place to get lost, and there’s a sense of adventure to the songs vibe, melodic clues that suggest Nebraska brings both hope and deliverance. 

There’s a cinematic nostalgia that comes with atmospheric lap steels and classic harmonies.  The songwriter laments about our conventional prisons and the burden of life’s new tedious routine.  “Alone in your apartment, cause you hadn’t gotten off yet, from your job at the department, where you’d never make a change.  Didn’t find myself here often, now it’s feeling like a coffin….”  

Stylistically Nebraska bridges the desert psych folk appeal of Lord Huron with the alt country flare of Jason Isbell.  We can dig it.  

Rose Haven Motor Hotel is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 

Tess Clark – Wonder In Entropy

We got lost in the dreamy aura of Wonder in Entropy, the new single from Tess Clark.  Her soft lush emotive delivery has a whispery ASMR affect.  The companion video accentuates that sentiment, paired with the swirling cinematography its collectively intoxicating.  The artist herself has a siren presence.  It’s as if you’ve lost your way on some holiday hike and stumbled into her spiraling wilderness, one that entraps you with melodic appeal and elite attractive.  It’s both visually seductive and melodically entrancing.  The dreamy appeal should connect with fans of Weyes Blood and Helena Deland.  

Tess Clark is featured on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Pick it up pick it up pick it up!  Rob Clamp pens an upbeat gem on the expressive new single Adelaide.  Blue eyed soul and genuine passion fuel this emphatic tribute.  An influence of traditional folk is updated with an indie pop sensibility.  We hear the anthemic appeal of Sam Fender with some classic compositional flair known to the legendary Bruce Cockburn.  It’s a reflection of how Rob captures a small town feel with an innovative sonic presence. 

Clamp’s thick accent brings bite and urban attitude.  It’s that tough guy turned romantic, the unassuming heartthrob that brings charming appeal.  It’s also undeniably catchy with a relentless beat that propels the energy forward.  Already enjoying some sell outs in his hometown, get ahead of the curve. 

Hear Adelaide now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  


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