Instrumentals We Love – GoGo Penguin, Free Whenever, ford.

Whether your looking for a righteous vibe or poetic musical innovation, you’ll find a lot of both in these instrumental discoveries.  Lo-fi beats have evolved with intense musicianship and jazz fused arrangements. AI will never design arrangements this delicious.  Whether your looking to pimp out your study beats playlist or discover the next Vulfpeck, we got you covered.  

Check these out below and make sure you hit that like and subscribe button your way through.  These projects deserve your attention.

GoGo Penguin is the real deal.  They caught our attention already with the exquisite Saturnine.  They’re back with Parasite, and the reconnection finds them verified.  Parasite bridges the worlds of jazz and contemporary.  There’s an element of sporadic intention in an orchestrated manner, it speaks to the members musical language.  They’re connected, conceptually bouncing off each other in tandem with the delay effect used on the lead pluck.  A dreamy mechanism that propels this jam, it’s enhanced by genius performance by both the double bass player and the drummer.  It’s The Bad Plus on steroids.  It also has the crossover appeal of Bonobo, it’s fit for the festival circuit.  Don’t sleep.  

We dig the flowing groove of Camino, the new single from Free Whenever.  The legacy of the funky Meters collides with Khruanbin, with an infectious Congo part fit for a Marvin Gaye basement jam.   Free Whenever is the psychedelic music project of multi-instrumentalist duo Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia. The pair started recording out of their Brooklyn, NY apartment in 2020 over a shared appreciation for psychedelic music that fuses the vintage 60’s sound profile with modern production styles.  For us, the tones are crisp, while the music captures the aura of vintage classics.  It recalls the legacy of Trojan records in a more jam groove aesthetic.  We dig it immensely.

Now for something completely different.  The world of lofi study beats gets a proper downtempo feature in the form of Tell Me (Anew), the new single from ford.  This is an incredible display of gate and sound limiting to create an intoxicating, hypnotic presentation.  The release would not hit the same without it.  That level of sonic intellect shows a masterful producers touch.  It’s also a dreamy blissful vibe that hits fresh.  


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