Emerging Folk – Zoe Konez, august for dawn, Sólskin, Madeline Megery

We lost ourselves to the hypnotic intoxicating appeal of Easy To Learn, the new single from Zoe Konez.  Her lush delivery envelopes you with its hush comforting warmth.  The song delivers with an exhilirhating chorus that evolves into a refreshing second verse. 

With dramatic progressive appeal Easy To Learn evolves like a journey, one that reflects the songs lyrical wisdom.  It’s an instant classic for fans of dreamy songwriters like Novo Amor and Jesse Reid. 

Hear Easy To Learn now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Charlie from one of our favorite recent indie buzz breakouts Yumi Zoumi has a new side project defined by an indie folk approach.  He calls it august for dawn.  Recently he released his second single, wide receiver.  The song is rightfully innovative in the spirit of his associated works, featuring a unique melody with catchy percussive cadence. 

He colored the vibe with a tinkering production design, adding a cinematic detail to the songs rare sensibility.  The hush vocal and melancholy vibe should draw fair comparisons to icons Sufjan Stevens and Elliot Smith, we also hear evidence of vintage acoustic Shins.  There’s a charming harmless nature to the music, despite its curious sad guy demeanor.  

Hear wide receiver now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Sólskin are enchanting.  Their new single The Lake is inviting.  It’s produced with a dreamy sonic arrangement featuring fluttering samples that dance around the main melody.  There’s a classic traditional underlayer to their writing, it collides with a scope of modern influence akin to Laura Marling.  The rapid string playing is all their own, a unique detail singular to them. 

The melodic inclinations and exotic appeal of the vocals draw some similarities to Natalie MerchantSólskin is a seductive siren with Motherly intention.  The affect suggests a mixed sense of motive, a mystical presence and mystery that’s embellished in the projects artistic representation.  It’s illuminated on suggestive song titles like I Am WitchThe Lake is arguably more contemporary but still elegantly abstract, like an indie folk Ethel Cain.  

Hear The Lake now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Madeline Megery blends the worlds of indie folk and chill pop elegantly on her new single Vertigo.  The opening section builds with drama, it’s written into the vibe of the melody.  It’s an anthemic melodic detail known to Post Rock.  It culminates in the soft pump that define the songs breakout sections. 

Illuminated by the songs companion video, for us Vertigo is about growth and the anxiety’s associated with taking big life steps.  Megery blesses this narrative with a catchy melancholy melody meant to heal a soul in crisis.  Connecting with the sound of the moment, we hear mainstream indie pop potential in the vein of Phoebe Bridgers or Lizzy McAlpine.  

Hear Vertigo now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

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