Music Videos We Love – Shana Sarett, Sarah Klang, JUNO VINE, Trust The Mask

Shana Sarett knows it can get Cold in LA.  It seems like the only way to warm up these days is to hit the beach with a mattress and a bunch of your friends clad in your sexiest classic undergarments.  Like, that wouldn’t catch anyones attention.  Sarett makes it look fun with an almost candid highly seductive companion video meant to turn these vibes epic.  It’s accented with slow mo long shots interjected between expressive choreography full of innuendo and curvy eye candy. 

Shana Sarett, Cold in LA

These girls are gorgeous in any light but with confidence and empowered strength they present as a gang of Queens.  Not one princess in the mix.  Oh yeah, and Cold in LA is a great song with an infectious indie electro vibe that scales the influence of Sylvan Esso and Christine and the Queens, also featuring some inspiration from icon Kate Bush.  

Hear Cold in LA now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Sarah Klang – Mercedes

Sarah Klang is infectious with her new single Mercedes.  The most explosive epic Motherhood tribute we’ve ever heard, Mercedes is a celebration of joy and love basked in indie pop glory.  Klang has an impressive range that she scales with a blissful appeal.  Her top register is blessed by a rapid vibrato that she tags with ease.  Her skills give her breakout potential, she’s not just an average singer, she’s a star.  This is the proper song to bring her into the indie sphere.  Stylistically, it’s as if Sharon Van Etten wrote a song for ABBA.  Don’t sleep, say you heard it first.  

Mercedes is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


JUNO VINE caught our attention with the video for their new single FEVER.  This alt pop jam has the catchy approachable feel of Coldplay with some intriguing drums patterns that reference a similar influence in how Radiohead inspired Coldplay’s music.  The video is a creative collage that blends the worlds of stop motion and cut and paste technology.  It recalls the iconic Peter Gabriel vid Sledgehammer or Modest Mouses’s breakout vids of the late 90s.  JUNO VINE has their signature artistic touch worthy of that association.  It’s a catchy jam too.  

FEVER is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Trust The Mask – Otaku

Trust The Mask is both exotic and innovative on their recent breakthrough single Otaku.  The contrast of dark industrial influenced pop and retro pop influence is truly exhilarating.  We hear evidence of St Vincent and Bjork, trailblazers known for their experimental but approachable aesthetic.  Trust the Mask captures that essence while adding their own signature eccentric flair.  That detail is on full display in the effective companion video, one that tickles the senses and borders a sense of horror in the same manner of their music.  

Otaku is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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