Best New Rock – The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Blondes, Drew Davies

Underground legends The Brian Jonestown Massacre take on The Raveonettes with their inspired cover of Do You Believe Her.  The lofi innovators bless this Raveonettes breakthrough with their signature stacked sonic fury.  Dare we say it’s more violent, more vicious than the original. 

Already garage rock cult icons. The Brian Jonestown Massacre give Do You Believe Her new fashion.  Their version rips and thrashes through your speakers.  The Raveonettes have embraced the tribute too, who wouldn’t.  

Hear it now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

We were grabbed by the infectious anthemic vibe of The Basement, the new single from Blondes.  The catchy jam is dipped in 80s alternative nostalgia, it breaks through in the addictive chorus section. 

Double dipped in an indie rock sonic appeal with a broad scope of modern influence, Blondes carve out a sound all their own within a crowded space.  There’s also a sentiment of shoegaze in the immersive dense presentation, but The Basement is sneaky aggressive.  This is an instant classic.

Hear The Basement now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Raw passion and sonic innovation both have a footing in the eclectic electro rock hit Codename: Softboi.  The new single from Drew Davies graces the legacies of experimental rock projects like Faith No More and NIN with a melodic tendency known to The Cult or Filter.  Drew Davies intense vocal is both energizing and captivating.  He lets it flourish, dishing it in heavy doses. 

Codename:Softboi is relentless.  The name is curious.  The track is an examination of online dating at its nadir.  With that in mind, the frustration and angst make sense.  Beyond the vocals, it’s an immersive sonic banger.  Every contribution adds to the cinematic appeal and imaginative iteration.  Adapted within a timeless nostalgic framework, Drew Davies wades between the worlds of hard rock and indie alternative. 

Drew Davies is featured on our Best New Rock Playlist


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