Best New Indie – Years of the Modern, Close Drive, Import Export, MISOGI

Years of the Modern drop a dreamy synth pop gem with their recent single If Time Stood Still.  We’re addicted to the catchy contrast between the upbeat design and melancholy melodic construct.  It brings a nostalgic under layer with retro appeal, tagging the legacies of 80s pop projects like Human League and even Madonna.  They update it with a modern synth sensibility known to Chvches or Synthwave projects like FM-84.  

The Canadian retro pop export plans to present these sounds in concert, currently developing their live show in hopes of a breakout this year.  If Time Stood Still is the kind of catchy gem meant to hook an unfamiliar audience.  We find it exhilarating.  

Hear If Time Stood Still now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Close Drive break through with their recent single Variegation. A feel good song in any light, it’s the singer that really cuts through the vibe.  There’s a raw broken sensibility to his voice.  It’s slightly rough but with an intriguing melodic reverence.  In that way it might connect with singers like Phosphorescent, or bring that same charm known to early Kings of Leon.  Singer Brandon Higgins is slightly more musical than either, really displaying effective commands over his raspy textures.  The band honors his presence with a tight tasteful arrangement, one that doesn’t try to overpower the essence of the moment.  With serene harmonies and falsetto vibe vocals interjected into the arrangement, Variegation is the kind of jam to catch the attention of their native Philadelphia area indie scene. 

Already making waves in their hometown, the band is on the brink.  Recently they signed on to Free Dive Records with plans to work with notable emerging producer Tyler Ripley.  They connect well with other Free Dive stand outs like Noah Richardson and Kyle Sparkman. It’s an interesting evolution in Philly rock, a slacker upbeat melodic appeal in contrast to the indie punk known to Phillies last breakout moment. 

Hear Variegation now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

We were drawn into the eclectic design of Blind, the new single from Import Export.  A choir, brass, drum and bass percussion all have a heavy presence in the songs arrangement.  The contrast of the indie pop style vocal certifies the blend as that magical musical soup bring cinematic reverence. 

The singers hush emotive delivery injects emotion and feeling.  The energy comes from the intriguing warped vocal samples between the verses.  The single updates the classic mainstream appeal of Moby or Fatboy Slim into the new indie contemporary framework.  It’s extremely catchy with notable crossover potential. 

Hear blind now on our Best New Indie Playlist

MISOGI blew us away with the innovative design of IMAGINE TECHNICOLOR.  The arrangement is truly thrilling.  It thrashes with a rare sonic fury.  The initial big progressive swoops are aggressive and demand your attention.  There are relatively softer sections blended in, but the design never strays from its jagged construct.  

The innovative creative details are really exciting and show an attention to detail and an understanding of what can be done within the scope of modern tech.  It takes ideas like vocal tuning and warps them with an imaginative appeal lost on most producers.  Fans of innovative artists like Cashmere at and Hudson Mohawke should connect with this sound, but we think it brings a broad appeal, as the song itself is melodically catchy and approachable.  

MISOGI is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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