Undiscovered Gems – Brittain Ashford, Bathe Alone, Are We Hunting, Cody Lawless x Powfu

Brittain Ashford is ready to Hold On Tight.   She presents this revelation with a rare vocal delivery, one with exotic tribal instincts.  There’s a soft fury to her approach, as her upper register presents an alto sting that cuts through the mix with conjured emotion.  She has attitude and tempered disdain, it defines her swagger and how she flows within the groove.  In that way she connects with new rock folk fused pioneers like Sharon Van Etten, Feist, and Kathleen Edwards.  Like them she turns coffeehouse serenades into anthems. 

Hear Hold On Tight now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Bathe Alone understands the immersive dread known to Awfully Quiet.  The title of their new single, its an effective dose of dream pop blessed shoegaze.  There are trademark sonic alterations, rare samples and progressive productions quips to paint this landscape unique.  The nostalgic appeal of retro synths intersects a rich buried vocal, one that cites the melodic melancholy gold of classic wave while leaning into the sad girl affect known to the modern underground.  On the surface there’s evidence that could drawn comparisons to Beach House or Cults, but the vocal mostly resonates with the disconnected lure of classic MBV.  We find it irresistible. 

Lose yourself to Awfully Quiet now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Where is Strawberry Beach and how do we get there?  The subject of the new single from Are We Hunting, the group presents Strawberry Beach like a mystical psychedelic paradise.  With a soundtrack this rich and innovative you can only hope the setting is blessed with such gorgeous music. 

The core composition recalls the folk tinged exploits of Paul Simon, tweaked with the raw broken appeal of Phosphorescent or even Tom Waits.  The rhythm design is exhilarating, featuring a rapid shuffling snare roll that never relents.  A trademark violin marks their upbringing as self described “poor people from the ocean.”  Their allegiance to sea songs of old was invaded by a clear love for recent exploits in indie rock, a blend that will please all indie fans alike. 

Hear Strawberry Beach now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Cody Lawless and Powfu crossover with the catchy creative jam that is Friday Night With The Neighbours.  The aura exists somewhere between Dayglow and Steve Lacy, with a juicy indie rap section that’s addictive and ripe with style.  It’s got commercial appeal while honoring the innovative underground.  Both artists have had considerable stream world success.  Friday Night With The Neighbours offers them a broader reach and new realms for musical exploits.  We can dig it. 

Friday Night With The Neighbours is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist


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