Music Videos We Love – Miranda and The Beat, Choses Sauvages, The Natural Lines, Jethro Pickett

Miranda and the Beat continue to sculpt their stylistic intention with their recent Concrete.  The music video features a theatrical intro reenforces their 50s Greaser punk ethos.  They bring raw gutter attitude to offset and illusions about their cute rockabilly influence. 

Miranda and the Beat – CONCRETE

Miranda and the Beat are underground garage bred punk rock with an appreciation for smart mods like MC5.  It’s slightly abstract, more akin to the reception of Rumblefish than Outsiders.  Musically it’s fair to place it as a 50s style Sheer Mag.  The attitude and ferocious nature of the effective lead singer gives it widespread potential.  The video presents like a collage of associated imagery, just so we’re certain what this is all about. 

Choses Sauvages – Charmber D’Echo

Choses Sauvages capture an élusive 80s alternative era vibe on their single Charmber D’Echo.  The song honors their sonic trademark, a unique sound that brings nostalgic appeal in a less travelled retro inspired nature.  The video honors the sentiment.  This could have been a scene from Dune, Labrythn, or the 80s version of 1984.  The color design is effective and the performances are top notch.  80s style dystopian sci-fi videos are our jam.  You can’t go wrong. 

The Natural Lines – Artificial Moonlight

The Natural Lines have a beautiful self titled 11 song debut and a new video for their single Artificial Moonlight.  An effective display of lighting and night drive footage boosts the videos charming essence.  The color palette is nostalgic and stylistically chic.  It features Matt Pond PA as a sort of vintage illlusioned urban cowboy.  This kind of insanity has evolved to be strangely acceptable in our new age.  What used to signal psychosis is now just cute.  A more somber feature from an eclectic band, with the horns we hear similarities to Beirut and Andrew Bird, but with The Natural Lines own signature sonic appeal.  

Jethro Pickett – Run

“Run like you’re here and it’s a good idea… save yourself my dear.”  We were drawn to the candid charm of Run, the new single and companion video from Jethro Pickett

Pickett and team create magic from our mundane.  They capture simple moments and somber reflections.  They make these moments seem loud and impactful.  Perhaps because they are, or maybe cause they should be.  To nail the sentiment they connect it to a bygone era, perhaps the mid 90s, perhaps the vintage 70s, or maybe just a place trapped in the past.  Ironically, it’s just Europe.  For fans of Jeff Tweedy and Kevin Morby.  


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