Retro Pop Revival – Twin Ritual, Paragon Cause remix Flock of Seagulls, Kinoco, Björn Rydhög

Twin Ritual enwrapped us in their immersive synth anthem Not Alone.  Initially presenting with a dreamy shoegaze vibe, the mood quickly turns epic, boosted by a passionate vocal performance from the bands lead.  Her voice is convincing, as her quivering vibrato shakes with conjured hurt and emotional depth.  It’s as if Florence Welsh was fronting College or Chromatics.  Like them, Twin Ritual is inherently catchy and double dipped in nostalgia, but undeniably modern.  Their synth choices are rich with texture and bring an enveloping, immersive quality.  It’s meant to be played loud, to invade all of your headspace, so that you might lose yourself to its cinematic glory and escape the threat of reality for one blissful moment. 

Hear Not Alone now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Canadien Electro Rockers Paragon Cause take on a Flock Of Seagulls classic.  They breathe new life into Remember David.  This sonic update is effective.  The bright synths and punchy modern presentation honor the songs epic essence.  Remember David is reimagined as an anthem, as opposed to a deep cut.  Paragon Cause tend to have that effect on the bands they work with.  They’ve produced music for Berlin, Blaklight, and the Dant Danners.  They embrace a unique set of influences that include hip hop icons like Wu Tang alongside electro icons like KMFDM.  That breadth of influence shows an appreciation for innovation and pure artistry.  That same energy is heard on their rendition of Remember David. 

Hear Remember David now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Kinoco caught our attention with their new single Secret Ways.  Both catchy and innovative, we find the new release simply infectious.  It starts with the dynamic tempo design which sparkles with tickling production that has both melodic and percussive features.  Their attention to detail is overall impressive, with every bass drum pump and snare pickup adding to the infectious feel.  The composition matches the tempo’s catchy upbeat essence, with a soothing melodic emotive nature.  This is smart retro pop that blends the classic intellectual new wave ethos of Tears For Fears with more recent updates by synthwave masters like FM-84. 

Hear Secret Ways now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Björn Rydhög gets a remix from Azure Blue for their song Adore Her.  Reimagined in the classic new wave style of New Order, Adore Her has synthwave vibes.  This kind of effective songwriting in a synthwave package recalls the works of The Midnight or Sunglasses Kids.  It’s refreshing and uplifting within a nostalgic melodic package.  This is buzz worthy synth pop from the synthwave Mecca of Sweden, where these vibes are more likely to hit the mainstream.  Both Rydhog and Azure Blue have enjoyed some impressive success, don’t sleep on this one. 

Hear Adore Her (remix) now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 


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