Best New Rock – Frogs Show Mercy, Alex Beck, Superdime, Aurora By Noon

Frogs Show Mercy caught our attention with their recent Stallion.  An amalgamation of influence, there’s evidence of post rock infected post punk innovators like DIIV mixed with neo hardcore.  We’re drawn to the energy and angst from the emphatic vocal performance.  The contrast of the vocal and music is exhilirhating. 

The tempo honors the energy with some proper push in the alternating vocal sections.  The downtempo backbeat thats laced between those sections brings more diverse intrigue.  The overall guitar and bass arrangement breaks through with smooth flashes of musicianship.  That style dates back to Television and was most notably updated by The Strokes before being reimagined again by acts like DIIV.  Frogs Show Mercy is equally inventive and adds their own trademark underground inspiration to the mix.  We dig it immensely.  

Hear Stallion now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Alex Beck is a dynamic performer with a breadth of stylistic intention.  The west coast buzz artist caught our attention with the trademark hook that defined her breakthrough release Tunnel Vision.  Her eclectic nature trends chaotic on her new single Over and Out.  The smokescreen verses are just a setup for the sonic fury that follows.  An empowering anthem meant to see past a shallow former love life candidate, Beck embraces her strength over any threat of weakness. 

That strength comes through in an impassioned vocal performance, one tinged with aggression and conviction.  She pulls you out of your seat on every hook.  As a songwriter it might be her secret weapon, and one that tends to lead to commercial success.  The sonic touches are innovative and leave room for flex.  For now, though, she’s writing hits and taking no prisoners.  In that way we hear evidence of artists like Paramore, embraced by the mainstream but undeniably awesome.  Surprisingly even NPR is catching on to Paramore’s greatness. For Alex Beck they’ll do the same. 

Say you heard her when. Hear Over and Out now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Superdime captures an elusive vibe on their impressive new single Defend Me.  The band blends the aura of 80s alternative, late 90s emo, and 2000’s indie rock effectively.  Most intriguingly we hear evidence of cult icons The Replacements, updated with an emo flavored melodic sensibility. 

Defend Me is epic.  Every emotional lift from the vocal performance gets under your skin.  There’s also a progressive dramatic shift with conceptual flair.  It’s more than just a vibe, it’s a song to represent harsh realities.  Entirely relatable, and properly enraging. 

Hear Defend Me now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

With Austrian songwriting M. Sumereder at the helm a cast of international industry vets rally together for an exciting new venture as Aurora By Noon.  Their pro experience shines through on their new album Black Crosses In The Sun.  The expansive 12 song release displays a natural precision that reflects their effect on the industry.  It offers them the opportunity to lean into every performance and keep the presentation tight.  It’s heard on the thrashing drum fills on Dirty Rules, Dirty Games.  Also on the conjured hurt that breaks through the vocal performance of Sleepless.  

The riffs are phenomenal, each possessing their own rhythmic pump and characteristic release.  The guitar tones are gritty and bright.  We hear influences as diverse as Randy Rhodes, like on the riff work of No More Crying, to icon Slash on some of the lead lines or even Pearl Jam on the clean guitar work in the Title Track.  It’s catchy melodic hard rock with persistent punch and infectious appeal.  The whole album slaps, get into it.  

Aurora By Noon is featured on our Best New Rock Playlist.  


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