Indie Innovators – Ruin, Tre.Charles, Laura Wolf, Wet Baes

Entirely unconventional and refreshingly innovative, we found Eden exciting and intriguing.  The new single from experimental Swedish gothic electro project Ruin has rare attributes.  It’s approachable, but requires some mental musical reconfigurations.  That statement mostly reflects the rhythm design and the effective inspired vocal performance. 

Theatrical vocals are often not a trend we tend to favor, but Ruin just does it different.  There’s evidence of Bowie and Peter Gabriel mixed with gothic dark wave influences. 

The composition is just fantastic. The chords are charted by soft ethereal synths. They lay an intoxicating moody melodic framework.  The vocal roams with candid dramatic flare, as if a flash of inspiration presented these words in real time.  They sound possessed by some revelation or release of ancient unconscious memory.  That sentiment reflects this daunting narrative, one that mirrors the tragedy of Adam and Eve, injecting harsh modern realties that parallel that experience. 

Eden is timeless in the vein of nostalgic post punk breakthroughs, and a sure thing for conventional indie fans who embrace a touch of the eccentric. 

Hear Eden now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Tre.Charles continues to push the barriers of chill pop with his infectious new single Memory.  Stylistically he evolves an aura familiar to Frank Ocean in the same way that it’s been adapted by artists like Biig Piig and Cautious Clay.  It may initially present as commercial pop but as it progresses it opens new cinematic doors.  It’s that same commitment to exploration that saved 80s pop.  Artists like Kate Bush or even Madonna who were able to be both dark and catchy. 

Tre.Charles has an undeniable melancholy, and flirts with a vibe first design that might limit the singles radio appeal.  But these vibes are elite and guaranteed to trigger the new music algorithm machine.  If you dig this, you’re guaranteed to vibe to all of the new ep Currently. Don’t sleep. 

Tre.Charles is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Laura Wolf takes post production to the next level.  Her new single Paper and Plastic is an experimental smoke show.  A relentless array of samples and effected alterations to the main melody bring cinematic brilliance.  Combined with her hush tribal melodic instinct she’ll likely draw comparisons to Bjork.  She’s also got some of the modern production intellect of new school art pop icon FKA Twigs. 

The video enhances the experience and reiterates her soundtrack ready references.  Designed to pop in tandem with the songs sonic quips, the project feels married to the visual element.  So DON’T SKIP THE VIDEO. 

We love all of it. Hear Paper and Plastic now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Wassup with that Wet Baes.  The Mexican producer is simply on his own creative island.  This is how we hoped bedroom producers would evolve, creating music beyond stylistic borders. The nostalgic tags chart a story, referencing the legacies of Motown, Disco, and Funk interjected with evolutions in wave and psych pop. 

It makes sense then that he tags Tyler The Creator, Tame Impala, and The Beatles as influences on the same subject line.  The Beatles to some extent made progressive pop a household sound, breaking away from the confides of 7” singles when they tied songs together like on Abbey Road.  Though occasional split apart, you mostly hear them on the radio sewn together.  That’s how Wet Baes intends for his recent Señal to be experienced.  The sentiment reflects his collective catalog, one that has no limitations. 

Hear Señal now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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