Music Videos We Love – Fast Romantics, Aisha Badru, Forty Nights, Yvonne Ambrée

The days of addictive music video television are long gone, but we’re here to keep the tradition alive. These artists are honoring its legacy and finding new creative ways to keep it fun. The combination of sound and video still reigns supreme. These are our favorite recent Music Video Discoveries.

Fast Romantics embrace the contrast with their impressive new single and video for their song Happiness.  Contrast is at the root of their sound, with a rustic singer who still rings melodic over a dreamy layered soundscape.  The video explores the plight of the industry workers behind the camera, regular people with regular problems paid to sell the opiate to the masses.  This is the ultimate talk show giveaway dark comedy video you’ve been waiting for. Check out Happiness

Aisha Badru is at peace.  She’s connected to some ancient fabric, one known to native civilizations, one that’s connected to the earth and the metaphysical equally.  Her Chi is exercised through this comforting display of dance and love.  It’s seen on the recent video for her single Inside

She’s dances freely as if she’s the only inhabitant of some deserted tropical island, she makes isolation look rewarding.  Her hush vocal delivery and hopeful lyrics add to the appeal.  Inside presents like it’s meant to heal a tortured spirt, and this medicine dance calls you to her.  Let love be your guide.  Embrace the beauty of the natural world.  Let your body flow within nature’s symphony.  

Filmed in the historic Epstein Theatre in Liverpool and featuring original choreography, great camera work and a mirrorball leotard, Forty Nights delivers a gem with their recent video for the single Little Tin Soldier.  The lighting and camera work is gorgeous, but it’s the dancer that truly steals the show.  She works the lighting and silhouette like a master.  The songs an alt country jam too.  It adds drama and gives the cinematic vibe an epic underlayer. Along with the dancer the sentiment collective rings with PASSION. With his soulful delivery, the singer of Forty Nights exudes it. We dig it!  

Yvonne Ambrée ( also known as Panteon ) makes intoxicating indie pop that gets under your skin.  Her arrangements are both dreamy and inventive.  They set the perfect backdrop for the video that accompanies her new single Another Space.  Her music evokes feeling, with contrast that embraces the polars of dark and romantic.  Somewhere between admirer and sleuth, her peeping tom character who wanders these dark urban corners promises to keep you guessing.  Watch to the end.  


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