Best New Indie – Raelle, Alexander Wren, Mr. Dad, Fantasy Sequence

Artifacts of soul will embrace the innovative update that is Falling, the new single from Raelle.  Mid 70s adaptions by Marvin Gaye and Al Green have a stake in this influence.  We also hear similarities to modern psychedelic neo soul updates like Rhye.  She could claim a lot in the alternative R&B landscape, but soul is at the core of Falling.

Inspired by an eclectic mix of artists from Isaac Hayes to Beach House, Raelle embraces the contrast.  We find it intriguing and worthy of the association.  Her elegant writing and genuine artistry offers significant indie crossover potential, but she’s a sure thing for the contemporary soul crowd.  Raelle feels so good. 

Hear Falling now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

“Taking The Long Way Home.”  It’s been said before, but Alexander Wren just does it different.  There’s a resolution to the songs delivery, a vibe that suggests some discovery, a trial that’s been resolved, one that deserves such a fitting inspiring tribute.  It blends the soulful compositional appeal of Raymond Baxter with the dreamy nostalgic melancholy of Francis & The Lights.  It tags the retro soul pop of the 80s and even 90s, acts like Peter Gabriel and Sting who blended elements of gospel with pop so effectively. 

Wren presents himself like the revelatory preacher, backed by an entrancing female choir ready to inject beauty into every dramatic drop.  The verses deliver one big setup after another, and the chorus never falters, embracing every chance to pull at your heartstrings with Sunday serenity. 

Take The Long Way now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Mr. Dad brings vintage charm with their new classic Contradiction.  The Helsinki Duo pens a nostalgic dreamy gem.  It could pass as a 70s bootleg, bred from a style known to Todd Rundgren or Nilsson.  It’s updated with some of the dreamy sonic appeal known to Beach House.  The song is simple and effective, with the singers reflective delivery dictating these thoughts with soft pensive conviction.  A sweet serene sonic vibe, it’s really the lyrics that bring it home.  “Wanna be here when I’m somewhere else.  It’s hard to be stable when I’m off the rails.  Contradiction.”

Hear Contradiction now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Fantasy Sequence caught our attention with their recent single Black Lines, I’ll Never Know.  This innovative retro fused gem tags the 80s with psych pop flavor.  It’s as if the Pet Shop Boys produced a song for Tame Impala, or perhaps the other way around.  Regardless, Fantasy Sequence brings hefty doses of compositional surprise and rhythmic variation.  With progressive appeal they whip you threw a mid song pivot, one that accentuates the collective drama.  Fantasy Sequence delivers to the last breath, embracing their moniker.  They live up to the name. 

Hear Black Lines. I’ll Never Know now on our Best New Indie Playlist 


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