Undiscovered Gems – Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, Ellur, Liloe Rix, Middle Youth

Winning Song of the Year for the 2021 John Lennon Songwriting Contest might have been the final signal that pushed songwriter Brittany Ann Tranbaugh over the edge.  Armed with some fresh affirmation she quit her day job to pursue a full time career in music.  That lead her away from her home state of Pennsylvania to new formalities in our musical ascension, that escape to a place where the industry finds itself in every affect of the scene.  It’s not that you can’t get big in Philly, it’s just not a part of every process like it is in LA.  Still, Tranbaugh hasn’t forgotten where she’s from, and she shows it with her recent timely single Pennsylvania

She backs up her songwriting accolades with this new instant classic.  One that will instantly connect with anyone who’s ever left their homeland to pursue, well, anything.  But the lyrics are personal for context, I mean, it’s not like Springsteen who never had a job in his life but only sang about the working class.  In every facet of life Tranbaugh has been through the wringer, and now she has to pack on desertion and self righteousness to the mix.  Like any seeker every new path comes with the guilt of what you left behind.  The fact that she’s acknowledging it is more than most.  We see ourselves in this song, where you might only see the Americana spirit of The Band, Joni Mitchell, or more recently Brandi Carlisle.  That an’t so bad either, after all, Pennsylvania is a vibe. 

Hear Pennsylvania now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Ellur has a lush emotive vocal delivery that immediately gets under your skin.  She also has an inspiring second level that pulls your heart out of your chest.  She brings both in effective doses on her recent single Anywhere.  The release is a both an excellent song and a great showcase of her talent.  The composition offers her a chance to dig in with some attitude in the sultry verses, while she shows her anthemic pop potential in the emphatic choruses.  Once the hook hits, she knows it’s hard to look back. 

It helps that she has Lee Smith in her corner, having recently worked with one of our emerging favorites Holly Humberstone.  Ellur is equally infectious but with an energetic pop rock tweak akin to Del Water Gap or Sam Fender.  That combination will be a hit…Anywhere.  

Ready for your summer playlist, Anywhere is featured now on Best New Indie Playlist. 

Liloe Rix is unstoppable.  She lets it be known on her recent Can’t Stop.  The Netherlands based songwriter has some impressive credits to her name, having played with several notable acts and written an emerging EDM hit with DJ Kenan Edwards.  Can’t Stop opens with a nostalgic palmed guitar, reminiscent of classic arrangements by The Cars.  The retro pop adaptation collides with an indie pop spirit when the trademark beat and flowing acoustic break through. 

She embraces the influence of our favorite recent John Mayer song New Light, and adds her own influences like Maggie Rogers and HAIM.  Like them all she finds new footing in a familiar framework, one that’s not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves while being entirely original.  It’s about their essence as artists, and like them Liloe Rix is a force. 

Can’t Stop joins other recent singles released in advance of her upcoming EP Imperfections.  Altogether they offer an opportunity for an exhilarating live performance guaranteed to bring a crowd to its feet. Imperfections is due out 5/26.  We can’t wait!

Can’t Stop is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

We were drawn into the infectious catchy appeal that is The Right Reasons. The new single from Middle Youth updates 90s pop with an indie heart.  In that way its connects with breakthroughs by Del Water Gap and Sam Fender.  The energetic vocal brings refreshing conviction,  adapting to every interesting chord change with a natural candid flow.  The song encapsulates a moment, like a snapshot of time bottled in melody and cadence.  The best performances have a way of feeling devised in the moment.  The Right Reasons rings true.  This is our kind of pop. 

Hear The Right Reasons now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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