Best New Indie – ICEBERG, Clark Graham, Cielo, George McFall,

The artist ICEBERG used to call London home.  She was crushing the scene, writing for various emerging artists and winning sponsorships and collabs like her designation as a vocalist for Aston Microphones.  But as the dark moody presence of her music suggests, perhaps there’s more than meets the eye.  A recent relocation to Essex NY has provided new inspiration.  Embracing her moment, she has gifted us an exciting new album, Swim

Her productions are rich, decked out with ethereal soundscapes that flow like a sea beneath the Iceberg of infectious indie pop that breaks through the surface.  Her vocal performances, full of conviction and strife.  There’s a scorn to her pop, it adds a nice empowered detail to this adapted pop.  It’s undeniable on songs like Can’t Forgive Me.  It’s decisive and assertive on lyrical moments like in Blood Bank.  But first it resolves and finds respite on the title track Swim.  That instant reveal is connected to the projects roll out, as a string of singles have lead up to this collection.  That’s where her relocation starts to show its weight. 

“Please God just let me swim.”  This surefire catchy indie pop has an introspective detail, one you can see yourself in.  Leaving herself vulnerable gives her art reverence.  We don’t take it for granted.  Iceberg is carving out her own path in the world of indie pop, so we can only offer a scope of similarity but we offer it for fair reference only.  Stylistically we hear the mainstream appeal of Alessia Cara with the indie pop flavor of Holly Humberstone and a dark electro underlayer familiar to Polica. 

Hear ICEBERG now on our Best New Indie Playist.

Clark Graham returns with his new single Since You’ve Been Gone.  This patient pensive arrangement lends to his voices rich evolution.  He brings a new feeling to Since You’ve Been Gone, one that’s a little more road weary and beat up by the perils of burnt youth.  He dictates this tale with a sense of grace, one that’s already committed to moving forward on his own terms.  “Life goes on, so at least I’m told.  Someone save my wounded soul.  Like a freight train speeding down a one way track.  At least I finally know that you won’t come back.”

Simple, but effective.  Heavy Springsteen vibes and we’re here for it. 

Hear Since You’ve Been Gone now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Cielo delivers a trademark hook with her new single Love Left Over.  The lyrical verses are all just a setup for the emotional swell that is the chorus.  The affect is anthemic, grabbing you with its epic dramatic pump.  A solid blend of dance pop infected with an indie influence.  It’s got the commercial pull of Paramore and the indie swagger of Christine and the Queens.  There’s a nice retro underlayer that trends to the surface in the vibrant outro.  

Cielo has real star potential.  This is the Nashville based artist’s second single from her upcoming debut album.  It bears a breadth of influence that creates intrigue about the projects evolution.  The presentation is top notch, with a strong mix, eclectic production, and effective punch.  Her voice, the most captivating feature.  She owns every moment and with her sultry nature conjures the vulnerable desire found in the narrative.  What do we do with the love left over from a past romantic relationship?  Sounds like a familiar problem, things get tricky. Her performance rings like someone who knows the dangers of pursuing those inclinations.  Be Careful.

Hear Love Left Over now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

The Sound of the Marketplace is the new single from Edinburgh musician/artist George McFall. George describes the song as a ‘protest song against the scripted life’.  The dude is speaking our language.  This proto punk new wave jam sucks you in and then explodes with inspired fury.  REM, Tubeway Army, and Public Image Ltd all have a stake in this sound.  Outcasts of Punk who couldn’t avoid the new pop electro machines.  Paired with their visceral spirit they created elegant art full of contrast and intrigue. 

George McFall adds his own touches, tweaked with additional influences like TVAM and Working Men’s Club.  The Sound of the Marketplace is a cinematic gem, one that effetely embodies the insanity of it all.  We can say from experience, we pulled our life away from the corporate machine, and it did feel this furious.  Join the party.  

Hear The Sound of The Marketplace now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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