Music Videos We Love – Big Girl, La Sécurité, Conor Miley

All the punks come to party in the video for Instructions 2 Say Sorry, the new single from Big Girl.  More than just eye candy, the song features some delectable riffage. The band is tight and innovative, in that way they recall Television and the first Pretenders records with some influence from Dinosaur Jr and Sleater-Kinney. 

If you ask us the most effective way to promote your band, we would suggest throwing a killer party featuring fun friends and to get it on film. Big Girl does that and more, including some choreographed moments to match the house show shots.  Damn this looks like a great time, just make sure you embrace the aesthetic when you show up.


Dust off your dancing shoes and get funky.  In a super artsy intriguing post punk fueled way of course.  Canadian art punks La Sécurité embrace the legacies of the The Talking Heads, The B52’s and LCD Soundsytem with the melody prowess of Le Chic.  There’s also a retro underlayer akin to Tubeway Army and Human League.  The vibe is intoxicating, enhanced by the exotic vocals.  The unavoidably sultry romanticism of their native tongue demands a proper attitude fueled group vocal to pull you back in with attitude and infectious contrast.  Their new single Serpent is the perfect first listen to get drawn into their sound.  A companion video flaunts their magnetism.  Nothing beats a good time paired with smart songwriting and some impromptu percussion fills that leave room for embellished inspiration.  We can dig it! 

Conor Miley caught our attention with their new video Thousand Yard Stare.  Featuring an impressive performance from Dr. Count Evil and elegant directing from Michael-David McKernan, Thousand Yard Stare will keep you entranced.  Dr. Count Evil dances poetic, utilizing their kaleidoscope costume to hypnotize you with their seemingly elastic fluidity.  This gorgeous modern dance challenges your perception.  It’s just a snapshot of Dr Count Evil’s extensive scope of work. 

The song itself is an eery dose of indie folk, as if Villagers collaborated with Nick Cave.  The video offers interesting contrast.  Dr Count Evil embraces the moment. 


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