Trip Hop Discovery – FEH

One of our favorite trip hop discoveries of the new year has to be the project FEH.  Their new album Right On Song recalls trip hops most recognizable aesthetic.  Its a throwback to the genres golden era, and its effective enough to breathe new life into the scene.

FEH embraces DJ style hip hop beats with a dark urban influenced vocal, one that feels like an instinctual byproduct of a bygone underground jazz scene.  Her voice is seductive, adapted with a sultry mystery, one that feels ripe with devilish intentions.  Together with her bands mates the trio has effectively captured the aura of the glorious 90’s while adding their own signature touch to the sound.  

Initially catchy on the introductory breakthrough single For What, the creepy comes through on the subsequent Hiding Time.  

The theatrical dark inclinations are expressed further on Flipping Out, before resolving with the romantic contrast of Gimme.  A more aggressive animal presents itself on Heads in Clouds, fueled by an infectious beat.  These songs offer a scope of the projects stylistic flex, one that can be heard throughout the impressive full album.

The singer often flaunts her progressive cadence.  Hey vocals can be snappy without losing their melodic intrigue.  There’s a consistent flare for the eccentric, meant to inflate the alter egos of the fans that adore this project.  A fanbase that is quickly falling for this new Trip Hop standout.  We hear elements of Moloko with some of the dark appeal of Bjork and Massive Attack.  Dig into all of Right On Song.  

FEH is featured on our Women of Trip Hop Playlist


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