Retro Pop Revival – Madeline Goldstein, Simesky+Fritch, Runners Club 95, Beast Coast

Madeline Goldstein challenges the mainstream machine with an intriguing dose of retro electro pop meant to reclaim the legacies sanctimonious artistry.  She mirrors the elegant creativity known to Kate Bush and The Eurythmics with the catchy melodic prowess of vintage Madonna.  Her compositions trend dark with top shelf sex appeal. 

Madeline Goldstein embraces the honor to be exclusive.  She doesn’t want to dine on commercial prime time, this is fine wine.  And it delivers in a way that will bring indie new wave and dark wave fans to her in droves.  Her new EP Other World is a front to back smash.  She already drew us in with her breakthrough Seed of Doubt.  Now armed with two new bangers Edges of The Lines and Death’s Door and also including the notable title track, the new EP might be this years retro pop standard.  Don’t sleep on Other World.  Say you heard it first. 

Madeline Goldstein is currently featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.

Simesky+Fritch continue to blow us away with their sheer retro futurism.  They shine again on their new single Colour Running Away.  Like a long lost bootleg from our favorite era, Simeksy+Fritch bleed authenticity.  It’s less of a throwback and more an exact application of the decade. 

The eccentric vocal, ripe with emotion and art school punk pomp feels candid and in the moment.  The synth design features glorious dialed textured analog, and the guitar work illuminates the arrangement with shimmering chorus drenched sheen.  Beautifully produced, what’s most impactful is the composition itself. 

Colour Running Away tags its influence and blends them to make a new savory combination.  Tears For Fears, The Cure, and Tubeway Army all have a stake in this design.  With most of those projects having recent releases, dare we say Simesky+Fritch out does them all with this new hit single.  Fairly more polished than last years delectable debut, the project appears poised for lift off. 

Hear Colour Running Away now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Runners Club 95 reinvents synthwave’s first wave with their impressive new single Somebody Like You.  Where dream pop and retro pop collide, that’s where synthwave took off.  EDM castaways have tried to hijack the genre with video game soundtrack scapes and cliche 80s pop throwbacks. 

Somebody Like You reminds us what really drew us to retro pop in the first place, a nostalgic sentimental vibe full of innocence and genuine love.  It’s a feeling that was captured in the iconic movie DRIVE, and enhanced by the soundtrack with offerings from Chromatics, Kavinsky, and College.  Somebody Like You is the kind of track you can insert into the movie and it would still retain the films emotional integrity.  Hear for yourself. 

Somebody Like You is featured on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

We embrace the innovative electro updates heard on Afraid of the Dark, the new single from Beast Coast.  A gorgeous combination of synthwave, chill wave and indie electronic; Afraid of the Dark feels dosed in nostalgia while chemically altered by the present.  The warped modern vocal samples pull from a modern influence, while the chords evolve in tribute to the new wave legacy. 

The modern adaptations are charming, they inject some recent influence without overwhelming the sanctimonious vibes.  Altogether it’s melodically delicious, and an exciting introduction to this Rochester, NY based buzz producer.  For context we hear some similarities to Fear of Tigers with the classic influence of Kavinsky.  

Hear Afraid of the Dark now on our Indie Synthwave Playlist


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