Best New Indie – Lili Joy, Sylvan Weekends, Little Lies, The Parlophonics

Lili Joy is hypnotic on D.W.Y.C.T.  She entrances you with her melodic prowess, digging into the intoxicating retro verse sections. The vibe is contrasted with the percussive catchy appeal of the infectious chorus section.  Joy brings illuminated nostalgia and tags vintage 70s soul with new psychedelic reverence. 

As the song adapts the urban flare and dirty alley jazz spirit comes more into focus.  D.W.Y.C.T. is undeniably funky fresh with psych pop flare.  Joy is in a lane of her own, with a sound that should connect with fans of new indie soul innovators like Remi Wolf and Charlotte Day Wilson.  Joy shares their mainstream potential, but in contempt of her ascension as a participant on Season 16 of the Voice.  Anyone should be proud of that accomplishment, but frankly, D.W.Y.C.T. shows she’s way more than just a singer.  Lili Joy is an artist.  

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Sylvan Weekends have fully arrived with the release of their new EP Outliers .  The scope of this catchy innovative indie pop project comes into focus on this impressive collection.  The EP features previously released singles along with a couple new tracks.  

Sylvan Weekends write innovative compositions full of variation and melodic surprise. The changes are relentless, evolving like a journey.  It gives their project a dreamy cinematic layer.  The songs evolve within a familiar harmonious construct, tagging an influence of indie folk and indie pop equally.  

The introductory Every Day is an exciting opener.  It bridges the gap between Del Water Gap, Phoenix, and Sam Fender.  They alterate that progression further on the subsequent Symmetry, with touches of Lumineers style indie folk in combination with the prior prescribed similarities.  Young and Freewheeling adds a dose of retro soul praise in the vein of vintage Peter Gabriel.  It’s heard in the infectious chorus and hymnal arrangement.  The title track connects with more recent movements in indie pop, recalling the works of Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo.  The closing 185 features adds a larger dose of electronic influence in the fluttering percussion design.  

Lyrically, Outliers is as much a reflection as it is an investigation in the human experience.  The narrator is often bold and assertive, asking the right questions with surefire conviction.  The narratives reflect this new bold generation and the conviction they have for their beliefs.  Sylvan Weekends are the indie folk existential revolutionaries you’ve been looking for.  Dig into the full album.  

Sylvan Weekends are featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

We were drawn in to the cinematic appeal of Carolina, the new single from Little Lies.  There’s a heavy dose of retro influence, one that trends between the realms of classic rock and Western inspired soundtracks.  It tags the legacy of Fleetwood Mac with an updated indie influence of projects like First Aid Kit and Lord Huron. 

A gorgeous song in any light, the singer really brings Carolina home.  Her performance is believable, with a passionate vibrato that gets under your skin.  A passion project between close friends Mikael Nordgren and Anna Maria Espinosa, you can hear the joy that went into this song.  Anna Maria Espinosa is one of Sweden’s most established singers, and with the help of her friend Mikael, Carolina might offer a real indie breakthrough.  We find it undeniable. 

Hear Carolina now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

“Children playing in the park, we’re reading Kerouac.”  A treasure of charming sentiments color Reading Kerouac, the new single from The Parlophonics.  The German power pop export bears an influence of 60s rock to match their penchant for Brit Pop indie style arrangements.  You can trace this upbeat jangle vibe back to the Beatles, with some of the feel good appeal of Motown mixed in. 

The classic connections are more than a scope of intention, The Parlophonics and their friends are the real deal.  Regular collaborator and co-writer Marcella Detroit has some impressive co-writes to her name, including her and Clapton’s iconic Lay Down Sally.  That new jam standard appears poised to live forever. 

Paired with the Parlophonics, Detroit has new friends to grace with her golden touch.  Reading Kerouac shines bright with the trove that is their new album Dying of the Light.  The album is a bounty of classic vibes with big swashes of Brit Pop and Yacht Rock littered throughout.  

Get started with Reading Kerouac now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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