Music Videos We Love – Swan, Lead Pony, Fake A Smile, Velatine

Whether she’s riding a horse through a vast valley, dancing in the rain, or fighting through the lyrics while submerged underwater, you cannot take your eyes off of Swan.  The artist has delivered a slam dunk music video for her single Yin Yang.  The song is a sultry alternative R&B collision with dark contemporary pop.  That blend is conceptualized in the alternative landscape and rain shots that come out of the first chorus section.  The video captures her dynamic appeal and star power.  The dusk horse riding shots are absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a jam too, that should connect with fans of Alt R&B artists like Charlotte Day Wilson and SZA.  

Swan – Yin Yang

The indie punks of Lead Pony effectively capture their vibe on the video for their new song Vultures. The lit up casino landscape seems like a fine place for a feel good low dose chemical trip.  Lead Pony let it flow without letting the moment get the best of them.  The punks are just vibing, showcasing their vintage swagger with a dual screen and color palette that adds to the retro appeal.  Let it drip.  Vulture is a sweet garage psych jam in the spirit of Kevin Morby.  Lead Pony sound like a good time.  

Lead Pony – Vultures

We love the gorgeous noir cinematography seen on Don’t Stop, the new single from Fake A Smile.  The bright noir color design being its first striking feature, the video also features impressive rotating slow motion shots and picturesque coastline landscapes.  Band profile videos don’t tend to deliver these days, but Fake A Smile finds a way to make them fresh again.  Hats off to the small creative team that includes Producer Gianluca Buccellati, Director and Editor Somerset Phaedrus, and Creative Director Roxy Lola.  

The song is a jam too, we hear an influence of Radiohead in a way that will draw fans of acts like The Big Moon and The Magic Gang. 

Fake A Smile – Don’t Stop

Velatine seeks vengeance in the video for their new single ALL I WANT.  The convincing performance by the groups lead pulls you in to this assassination mission, one with a superstitious under layer that leaves motives to interpretation.  The video suits the song’s dark infectious appeal, blending the legacies of classic soul and trip hop effectively.  Director Mark Bakaitis channels Tarantino and Rodriguez with the help of night cinematographer Manav Lakhiani.  ALL I WANT is a surefire hit.  

Velatine – All I Want

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