Best New Indie – B.Miles, Oddnesse, Sabrina Movitz, HOL

B.Miles embraces her flaws on her new single Wide Eyed.  Her intoxicating vocal delivery is ripe with urban attitude and sultry appeal.  It was the first detail that drew us to her.  She blesses that talent with infectious melodic instincts, challenging the best singers known to indie pop.  She bridges the gap between Remi Wolf and Phoebe Bridgers.  B.Miles is on the rise.  

Wide Eyed features a classic 90s era pop electro style groove.  The drum design could just as easily be Sneaker Pimps or Portishead.  It adds another intriguing breadth of influence, one already teased with her cover of Kylie Minogue’s classic Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.  Likewise, Wide Eyed adds to a growing catalog of surefire hits.  Catch B.Miles at a venue near you, don’t miss out on this emerging star. 

Hear Wide Eyed now on our Best New Indie Playlist

“Don’t worry baby I was born to be wild, I think I’ve seen enough of the Hollywood Hills.”  Oddnesse pens a rare gem, a combination of serene melody and poetic brilliance.  Their new single The Chills is intoxicating, engulfing you with its dreamy aura and tampered nostalgia.  They bridge the gap between Mazzy Starr and indie storytellers like Father John Misty and Lana Del Rey. 

The narrative of The Chills enhances the vibe of the music with cinematic jest.  That curious cuteness suits their moniker, oddnesse.  Nice Touch. Oddnesse represents the guitar pop musings of songwriter Rebeca Arango.  Already winning editorial support from several platforms, the buzz artist has only scratched the surface en route to her debut full length.  Say you knew her when.  

Hear The Chills now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Sabrina Movitz captures an intoxicating vibe on our EP How It Works Out.  Featuring support from an all female LGBTQ+ group, Movitz and bandmembers vibe in unison, injecting harmony and melodic grace at every turn.  The album has a thematic conceptual cinematic color. 

That tone is set on the self title introductory track.  It’s a slow build to the proper drop heard on Say My Name.  It’s effective, as you’ve fully bought into their dream world when they hit you with the pop payoff.  The siren singers absorb you on the lush immersive mid record Crescendo.  As if you’ve been guided into their wooded oasis, a folky free spirit comes through on Horizon Line.  The record caps off with the reflected closing Coming Down.  Conceptually it’s as if Sabrina has walked you back to reality.  Catchy with some pop appeal to help this reality land soft in the spirit of the songs narrative.  

Movitz, as a writer, is an intriguing creative spirit.  She brings flash of alt R&B and chamber pop to match her indie pop roots.  Collectively catchy and always melodically gorgeous, How It Works Out is a sure thing for fans of dynamic songwriters like Charlotte Day Wilson and Samia. 

Sabrina Movitz is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

We were drawn to the energy and compositional surprise of Lipstick Muse, the new single from buzzworthy UK export HOL.  The indie musings of recording artist Hollie Findlay soak in an undeniably catchy glow.  On her new single she cites the inspiration of shoegaze pioneers Lush and Chapterhouse to match an instinctual influence of modern indie.  Stylistically the vibe recalls Clairo’s breakthrough Sofia, mostly in how it presents and not necessarily from the chords themselves. 

HOL is after all a true original, and most importantly, an exciting young talent with so much more ground to cover.  Lipstick Muse has mainstream pop potential within an edgy underground framework.  It’s a testament to her vocal prowess, able to inject energy into the moment at an instant while always in control of her voice’s serene tone. 

Hear for yourself.  Check out Lipstick Muse now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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