Undiscovered Gems – Being Dead, Gold Spectacles, Shower Beer, Blueburst

Being Dead combine an influence of classic folk favoring psych pop with new indie inspiration effectively.  It’s heard from the first striking moment of their new single Daydream and emphasized through exciting progressive pivots.  Daydream features a smart arrangement that evolves like a journey, it embraces this styles psychedelic intention. Daydream feels designated to accompany your feel good trip. 

A journey in and of itself that transpires like a stylistic review, one that bears an influence of The Mammas and The Papas with new flavors known to early Ra Ra Riot or even The Shins.  Being Dead has their own unique blend that’ll serve them well with a broad indie audience, one that should offer them fans of indie folk, psych rock, and the indie sphere at large. 

Hear Daydream now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Gold Spectacles returns with the infectious energy of Man or Machine.  Its first striking feature is its tribalistic rhythmic design, like an indie desert island bonfire jam for a band of deserted hipsters ready to embrace their unexpected societal freedom.  That celebration mirrors the songs conceptual ethos, a review of ancestry and personal assimilation.  The gorgeous contrast comes in their lead singers indie pop delivery, as she charts these lyrics like a careful inquiry, one that knows she’s only a spectator to these truths. 

To take that history with grace and see its beauty gives Man or Machine a good vibe to match its pure melodic gold.  Gold Spectacles bring clever indie pop with elite rhythmic prowess, as if Local Natives or Lord Huron produced a song for Feist of Sharon Van Etten.

Hear Man or Machine now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Shower Beer has a charming name and catchy jams to boot.  Their new single Wrings Me Out grabs you with intriguing riffage and syncopated pomp.  The vocal performance grows with energetic soulful deliverance, arriving in full on the songs second chorus.  It’s the proper payoff for the compositional setup, adjusting in tandem with the narrative.  Conceptually the singer presents as patient and reasonable, but he has him limits, as do we all.  Grab a Shower Beer and let it release you.  We hear evidence of The Districts with some of the Southern Indie Rock influence of Delta Spirit. 

Hear Wrings Me Out now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

If you’re going to reimagine a Clash classic you can’t do much better than the version of Train In Vain recently released by Blueburst.  Reworked as a 90s modern rock jam, the crossover hit finds a new sense of emotional vulnerability.  The lyrics were always sentimental, albeit masked within an upbeat proto pop package.  Blueburst arranges it as if it’s going to be offered to Counting Crows or The Wallflowers.  The clear bright mix features REM era jangly guitars and shimmering tambourines. It’s all about a specific musical vibe, but it wouldn’t be enough with the convincing vocal performance. 

The singer presents this work like it really means something to him, and that honest approach makes it believable.  “I got a job, but it don’t pay, I need new clothes, I need somewhere to stay.  But without all of these things I can do, but without your love, I won’t make it through.”  Still rings true.  Timeless songwriting recovered here by our cherished new discovery Blueburst. 

Hear Train In Vain now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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