Undiscovered Gems in Dark Pop – Georgia Winter, Matte Blvck, IRYS

Georgia Winter and Luchi team up on the new single HANDLEBARS.  We just can’t get enough of Winter’s smoky seductive delivery.  She’s vintage sexy with an exquisite slow sultry release.  Her sex appeal is majestic, filled with mystery and intimidating presence.

 Luchi leans in with a passionate energetic performance that flaunts her vocal range.  Together they accentuate each others character and style.  The vocal depth and emotive reach is extensive.  There’s evidence of retro soul blessed with an indie sensibility in the mix and sonic design.  It pops in the songs signature bridge, where the collective mix is treated with an evolving distortion effect that gives it cosmic appeal.  

Besides being a stylistic flavor fest, HANDLEBARS is just straight up catchy.  The verses intoxicate you with their hypnotic appeal, while the epic choruses grab you and whiplash you with dramatic affect.  In unison with the songs collective feel they plead “Oh my God is this feeling overwhelming enough?”  

Stylistically HANDLEBARS could draw comparisons to the dark eclectic pop of St Vincent and Polica.  It brings an impressive musical design to match the A-List vocal performance.  Georgia Winter and Luchi are equally buzz worthy.  Treasured hidden gems waiting to be uncovered in the world of indie pop. 

Enjoy HANDLEBARS now on our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist

Matte Blvck

The elegant pop of Matte Blvck sucks you in on the infectious Midnight & Angel.  A rich sonic designs flaunts exquisite textures top to bottom.  Every instrument is sharp with character.  A great track and impressive song in its own right, it’s one of the best pop mixes we’ve heard in some time.  Crystal clear without losing its bass and punch.  The artist has an emotive voice with spontaneous scratchy appeal.  Stylistically it shares similarities with classic tracks by INXS, productions by NIN, and melodic inclinations known to The XX.  Deep moody dark pop with a sexual underlayer, it’s an instant classic. 

Enjoy Midnight & Angel now on our Best New Indie Playlist


Get dirty to the dark electro pop that is Riot, the new single from IRYS.  Equally haunting and beautiful, IRYS is dark and exotic.  The elusive hush of her vocal is both scorned and empowered.  There’s strength and conviction in her pleading forced whisper.  She displays incredible control, able to scan her melodic range in this difficult style.  

There’s an interesting shift where the beat picks up.  The artists cadence shows some inspiration from modern hip hop.  In the vein of classic trip hop she combines elements of EDM, post punk, and hip hop.  Altogether it displays an urban attitude and world appeal.  The Berlin based artist reigns from one of the club capitals of the world.  The chic electro pop design and synth choices show acquired Euro intellect.  The affect is otherworldly and unique.  This experimental design would appeal to fans of Grimes and FKA Twigs.  There’s also evidence of dark pop acts like Emika and The Knife.  IRYS is sexy, entrancing, and an exciting find in the world of dark pop and trip hop.  

Hear Riot now on Our Women Of Trip Hop Playlist

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