Emerging Folk – Starling Arrow, Dr Fabola, Lindsay Holifield, Driveway Lions

Vocal supergroup Starling Arrow shine on their new single Into The River.  These folk festival darlings show humility and wisdom through this impressive project.  The group includes Leah Song and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia, Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, and Marya Stark. Their ready to embrace their music as “spirit-folk,” and Into The River has been released in anticipation of their debut album Cradle due out in January 2023.  Into The River is a strong statement.  This intense vocal arrangement will bring a crowd to its knees.  The vibrant personalities both musically and visually offer Starling Arrow breakout potential. 

This is a lot of talent in one space.  Its the roots folk antecedent to The Highwaywomen, sharing in their supergroup ethos, but more authentic in their underground appeal.  The members have all seen an element of measured success, but Starling Arrow might overwhelm all of that.  But that’s not the point, at least it doesn’t seem that way.  This is about a general love and admiration for their craft, a joy out of creating these fantastic works, and a consensual musical respect magnified through this exciting new venture.  

Wade Into The River now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Dr Fabola is convincing on his new single All Behind.  The Manchester based songwriter captures a feel good vibe with vintage charm.  A sentiment of soul and praise with subtle island appeal recalls the iconic catalogs of Marley, Chapman, and Paul Simon.  It’s an amalgamation of influence updated with contemporary appeal.  An understanding of folk and traditional styles, brought into the melodic catchy framework of pop. 

Produced elegantly, the clicking percussion under layers buried beneath the mix show inspired intention, as they just grace the latin influence with worldly appeal.  The calculated guitar picking adds to the songs exotic, flowing nature.  Intoxicating runs soothe you with sweet seduction.  The singers deliver is natural and convincing, purposefully under polished to add to the classic vibe.  It’s all about embracing the artists organic appeal, an element that is already serving their success.  Dr Fabola has enjoyed at least one sold out performance at Manchester’s iconic Matt and Phred’s. With star magnetism, undeniable feel good authenticity, and elite fashion sense, the breakout potential is real. 

Enjoy All Behind now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Lindsay Holifield is reflective on the revealing Ghost Girl.  Lyrically vulnerable, Holifield surrenders to her emotions.  “I don’t mind if I’m the casualty.”  The alternative is too heavy.  A song for mental health struggles and the inclination towards an introverted alienation, Ghost Girl serves an overexploited generation finding themselves awakened to their feelings in that overwhelming coming of age. 

The narrator has desires but lacks self worth, inserting herself willingly to whatever accommodation she can serve, leaving her own needs unknown.  The stripped down arrangements of voice and guitar suit this sad girl vibe.  Subtle harmonies and slight atmosphere lift the harmonious spectrum, but Holifield never fights beyond the sad girl intention, and that’s okay.  We all need a song like this sometimes, with its introspective affect it accentuates our collective trauma, offering some relatability in our moment of loneliness.  The sad girl appeal connects with works by Bre Kennedy, Clairo, and Girlhouse.

Find your Ghost Girl now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 

We were seduced by the sheer charm of Driveway Lions version of Dreaming, the iconic Blondie song.  This cover reimagines the new wave classic with an indie folk sensibility.  In that manner it reminds us of how the now controversial Ryan Adams re-worked Taylor Swift’s entire 1984 album.  This versions of Dreaming has that same Springsteen-esque appeal, like an offshoot bootleg of Nebraska recovered like hidden treasure.  Its gives the composition new life, a fresh acquired genius unassuming on the original.  It takes away all the polish and fluff to display the elegance of the song at its essence.  It’s also a damn good performance, as the singers convincing delivery has a haunting rural appeal. 

The guitars are bright and beautiful, embellishing the conceptual city skyline that paints this poetry wonderful.  It’s that Hollywood magic, akin to teenage romance and that first exhilirating love, the one that feels destined to last forever, captured in this moment with nostalgic brilliance. 

Driveway Lions is featured now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

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